[Closed] Blackwattle – Serving Contemporary Australian Cuisine at Amoy Street

Welcoming a new neighbour at Amoy street is a restaurant opened by Chef Clayton Wells. Serving contemporary Australian cuisine, the Singapore outpost is helmed by Chef Joeri Timmermans whom we spotted running the front of the house while we were there. The 60-seat restaurant is cozy with a slightly darker interior and the plush sofa seats were really comfortable. The place gets crowded towards the night, though walk-in is still possible on a Friday night. They serve both a Prix Fixe menu (at $115+) and ala carte for those who prefer a wider variety to choose from


Snapseed 5

Gin-based Cocktail $20

They asked if I wanted something special so they made a gin-based refreshing cocktail for me. I can’t really tell what mixers they used cos I asked but I didn’t get an answer. I would guess it’s watermelon and mint. The cocktail is okay, pretty easy to drink

Snapseed 7

Uni, Wakame, Ohba Leaf, Oscietra Caviar $28

This dish feels a little fusion with Japanese inspired flavours. Being typically used as a garnish, the incorporation of ohba leaf together with uni created a nice balance of flavours with a unique vibrant taste followed by the soft and sweet aftertaste of uni


Stormshell Clams, Rosemary Dashi, Aerated Cream $18

I can’t really taste the rosemary in here for I think the saltiness in the dashi stock was a little overwhelming. I like the creamy finishing of the dish but I think there is room for improvement for this dish

Snapseed 8

Pan-seared Cod, Grilled Greens, Curry Leaf Butter $52

We were surprised to see xiao bai cai and kailan in here but the grilled flavours of the greens complemented well with the fish. The friends think this was the most disappointing dish of the mains but I enjoyed the green curry butter pretty much


Pork Collar, Pear, Spring Onion, Mustard Seed Oil $54

The pork was well cooked and it goes well with the mustard seed oil. But I’m not too sure where does the Pear play a part in this dish

Snapseed 4

David Blackmore Wagyu Tri-Tip, Burnt Onion Mustard, Salt Bush, Quandong Jus $58

Snapseed 3

Definitely the most outstanding dish of the all, and a dish worth ordering. We enjoyed the doneness of the beef and the flavours that come through with it

To sum it up, the service was great, the flavours here are pretty decent and the sauces to complement the protein stood out on its own as well. But the portion might be a little small and it’s definitely not a place for sharing. Cos at the price we paid at the end of the meal, we might as well just go for the Prix Fixe menu. A meal here might not be the cheapest so I suggest you can go for their lunch instead. But it does remind me of dining in Australia and I do enjoy their take on contemporary Australian cuisine


97 Amoy Street, Singapore 069917

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