Travelogue: New York, Salem and Boston

It was an early morning yet again as I had to catch a flight at 7am. I was surprised I had a pretty good sleep even though I could hear airplanes taking off from time to time and I’m usually pretty sensitive. I must be very tired. lol. The consolation was that the airport was…

Jua – Impressive One-Michelin Star Korean Tasting Menu in New York

Surprisingly both my meals in New York were Korean. When I saw Jua, I knew I had to try this. With experiences from Jungsik (which I had a good experience in Korea), Chef Hoyoung Kim brings with him European influences into his Korean ingredients. And also thankfully, the location of the restaurant was less daunting…

Kochi – Serving Contempory Korean Skewer Tasting in New York City

Decided on Kochi cos the concept of Korean skewer tasting sounds interesting so I thought I should give it a try. Located in Hell’s Kitchen area, the walk down 10th Avenue was a little daunting in my opinion. I was just glad to reach the restaurant safely and couldn’t wait to kickstart my meal

Travelogue: Napa Valley and Yountville

Finally saying goodbye to WDW and it was an early wakeup call since the shuttle would pick me up at 4am (omg) for my 7am flight. The shuttle arrived promptly and surprisingly, we went to pick up a couple more people that were staying at the value resorts so the bus was actually half packed….