Travelogue: Annyeong Seoul (See You Again!)

We booked a driver through Seoul Private Driver for our day tour which would take us to Alpaca world, Gangchon Rail Bike & Nami Island and pickup was at 7am. I thought it would take us 3 hours to get to Alpaca world hence I timed it at 7am (cos the place opens at 10am)….

Travelogue: Annyeong Seoul (Yes, again)

When people heard I was going to Korea, they were like again? Didn’t you just go a few months back? I was like err, that was one year ago. lol. Time flies indeed. I remembered the last time I went was when travel literally opened up and the next thing I knew, I was on…

Travelogue: New York, Salem and Boston

It was an early morning yet again as I had to catch a flight at 7am. I was surprised I had a pretty good sleep even though I could hear airplanes taking off from time to time and I’m usually pretty sensitive. I must be very tired. lol. The consolation was that the airport was…

Jua – Impressive One-Michelin Star Korean Tasting Menu in New York

Surprisingly both my meals in New York were Korean. When I saw Jua, I knew I had to try this. With experiences from Jungsik (which I had a good experience in Korea), Chef Hoyoung Kim brings with him European influences into his Korean ingredients. And also thankfully, the location of the restaurant was less daunting…

Kochi – Serving Contempory Korean Skewer Tasting in New York City

Decided on Kochi cos the concept of Korean skewer tasting sounds interesting so I thought I should give it a try. Located in Hell’s Kitchen area, the walk down 10th Avenue was a little daunting in my opinion. I was just glad to reach the restaurant safely and couldn’t wait to kickstart my meal