Hokkaido Marche – The Ramen Saves It All

Hokkaido Marche, the gourmet hall concept with 8 different brands from Sapporo, Hakodate and Asahikawa brought in by Don Don Donki has found itself a home at Orchard Central basement two. With only 7 of the 8 concepts being operational at the moment, you can find choice of ramen, don and tempura among those offered. The space of Hokkaido Marche isn’t big, and it’a broadly like a foodcourt when you make purchase at the own individual stalls and collect the food when the beeper buzz

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Soba Maruki, a restaurant that is pretty popular in Sapporo known for serving homemade soba noodles made from 100% Hokkaido buckwheat. The stall here also serves tempura as toppings and we got some to try

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Kani Kama $2.50, Sweet Potato $1.50, Eggplant $2.50

Unfortunately the tempura tasted as sad as it looked


Having 2 ramen stalls side by side, Sapporo Ramen Shirabaka Sansou seems widely popular with diners. Unlike many ramen places elsewhere, the free eggs here are only limited to ‘1 egg per customer’



Shoyu Ramen with Ajitama $12 (+$1.50)


I like the ramen. The piping broth has a nice balanced of saltiness with a hint of sweetness of the pork. Noodles were well cooked and the char siu was tender as well




Miso Ramen with Ajitama $13 (+$1.50)


The miso based ramen on the other hand didn’t stand out as much. It felt decent but nothing special


Yakitori Tsuyoshi, probably the saddest stall of all we tried. The yakitori was really disappointing

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The last one we tried was from Donburi Maruya, serving specialised rice bowl dishes. You can find oyako don, pork katsu don and curry don to name a few. We had originally wanted to try the oyako don but after seeing the presentation that was served to the customer infront of us, we changed our mind


Pork Katsu Curry Rice $12.50

This curry png was honestly not bad. The curry was thick, earthy and sweet and it complemented the pork katsu well. However the fried pork was a little tough and it looked better than it tasted. For $12.50, it honestly seemed a little expensive

In all, I think Hokkaido Marche seemed a little overhyped. You can definitely get better Japanese food elsewhere in Orchard. This place felt more like a foodcourt for convenience than a gourmet hall for quality food. And perhaps the only thing that is worth trying is just a bowl of ramen

Hokkaido Marche

Orchard Central

181 Orchard Road

B2-11 to 29 and B2-44 to 48

Singapore 238896


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