Po Restaurant – Finding A Different Kind of Local Classics

Po restaurant located at The Warehouse Singapore is a pretty little space, with cuisine (and the name) inspired from Popo – how we affectionately address our grandma. The first thing that the friend complained was the limited parking space – 5 to be exact, which honestly feels quite little. That aside, the interior of the hotel is beautifully furnished and makes a good space to just relax and chill. The cuisine served here takes a leaf from local classics, with taste refined and of course, the price too

Snapseed 17



High Tea $19

Chamomile Whisky, Laphroaig Mist, Passion Fruit, Geraldine, Mint, Spiced Bitters


Complimentary Achar


Instructions laid on every table to guide you to wrapping the best popiah


Classic Popiah $28

Snapseed 3

Snapseed 5

Best known for their popiah, we ordered the classic to try. Priced at $28, one wonders what is so special about it


Honestly, I can’t tell cos I’m not really a popiah person. But I enjoyed how we can DIY and play around with the fillings, but then again if you make your own popiah at home, you can also DIY yourself. The friend likes the popiah though so I guess to some extent, you can still give it a try

Snapseed 4

Barramundi Salad $19

Tangy Singaporean Carpaccio with Locally Farmed Raw Barramundi, Ginger Flower, Red Boat Fish Sauce, Chilli, Sesame Oil

Wanted to order the Duck Truffle Pie Tee but it was not available so we were recommended to try this barramundi salad instead, which turns out to be a great choice. The presentation was on point and the thinly sliced raw fish was easy to eat. I like how refreshing the dish is and everything on the plate just comes together

Snapseed 10

Charcoal-Grilled Iberico Satay $21

Pork Skewers 12-hour Spiced Marinade, Freshly Grated Pineapple & Peanut Dip

Snapseed 9

The satay looks every bit delicious when it was served to us. Beautifully grilled over charcoal, served with house-made pineapple and peanut dip, the meat was a little on the firm side but sweetness of the fats linger on your tastebud for a satisfying experience

Snapseed 12

Carabinero Prawns & Konbu Mee $32

Dry Umami Spin on Local Classic with Mediterranean Red Prawns, Pork Belly, Lardon & Sakura Ebi

I guess this needs no introduction. Served with 2 huge prawns, the flavor really comes through the noodles. Perhaps a little lacking of the wok hei taste, I do enjoy the sweetness and the heartiness of the dish, alongside thinly sliced pork belly and fried lard. Oh, and the sambal chilli too

Snapseed 13

Icecream Popiah $15

Locally made Pineapple, Taro & Peanut Gelato with Freshly Shaven Peanut Candy

Coming down to desserts, this icecream popiah looks interesting to give it a miss. We enjoyed the pineapple gelato the most out of the 3, with the taro behind and the peanut gelato in last place. The peanut candy was an interesting alternative to the fillings of the savoury version. Not sure if we were supposed to wrap everything up and eat it together but we gave up on the popiah skin eventually cos we were too full


I think generally Po serves some pretty decent dishes, though it’s definitely on the higher end. It makes a good place to impress your overseas friends and business associates if they looking for a place that serves local cuisine. I don’t mind returning, but perhaps I still prefer my good ol’ hawker fare

Po Restaurant

The Warehouse Hotel

320 Havelock Road, Singapore 169628

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