Mad About Sucre – Fall/Winter 2016

We are back at Mad About Sucre for their Fall/Winter series 2016. Every collection will see some new cakes and also a change to their menu. While you might see some old favourites, we were also pretty excited to see what’s in store for their latest showcase


Champignion de Paris and Portobello Mushrooms w Cheese $16.80

One of old favourites, the friend cannot resist ordering this given she’s a fan of mushrooms. And I am glad the taste of the awesome earthy mushrooms topped with melted cheese still taste like what we remembered

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Fresh Deep Sea Wild Barramundi Concise of Seasonal Tomatoes &  Portuguese Olives $36

I had a hard time deciding what to have for mains and eventually went for the white fish. I love the crispy texture of the fish skin that reminded me of crackling pork belly skin and the peppery taste of the fish meat that was nicely seasoned. The bed of tomatoes provided that sweet citrusy taste that rounded off the palate nicely


Classic Slow-Cooked Oxtail, Burgundy Red Wine Sauce $42

The friend’s oxtail was nicely executed such that the meat comes off the bone so easily. Richly infused with a robust flavour, enjoying this dish felt like Christmas is here


Eglise St Augustine $12.80 (Paired with French Rose with Lavender Tea)

Red Fruits, Strawberry-Basil Confit, Vanilla Choux Sponge, Madagascar Vanilla Cream, White Chocolate


The inspiration was from the St Augustine church built in the 1600s, which was one of the bigger churches built in Paris. Famous for their dome structure that was 18m in height and a beautiful organ hidden behind the church, this church was also a popular choice for weddings

This is my next favourite cake after Passionne. I love how everything comes together so well, from the red fruits jelly topped with cherry glaze to the soft vanilla choux sponge and the strawberry basil confit that gave a contrast to the flavours. Hacking down the white chocolate to end the dessert off on a mildly sweet taste. It was a beautiful dessert

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Petite France $13.80 (Paired with Himalayan Earl Grey with Lavender)

French Whiskey, Cream, Honey, Almond, Spiced Sable, Almond Crispy Crepes, Apricot, Mascarpone


Inspiration comes from North Eastern France iconic for its long canals and river

The dessert actually feels more like an icecream cake that was specially defrost before consumption. And when you slice it open, you can taste their take on Bailey’s with French Whiskey and caramel cream. Topped with a cinnamon and nutmeg biscuit to add a different layer to the dessert and complemented by the light and sweet mascarpone cream. Somehow I felt that this wasn’t as exciting as the previous one. I think the first dessert we had just stole the limelight too much

This collection only saw 2 new cakes, with the others version 2.0. So for those who are interested to head on down, remember to reserve the seats and the cakes as well

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Road, S(088334)

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  1. Mad About Sucre says:

    Thanks for your love Iris ! Always a pleasure for us to share our love and passion with you 🙂 have a great weekend !
    Mad About Sucre


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