Kin Cow – Thai Beef Noodles at Chinatown Point

Kin Cow, popular Thai beef noodles from Sudyod has opened their first overseas branch in Singapore. Pronounced as ‘Kin Khao’, it means ‘Eat Rice’ in Thai is conveniently located at Chinatown Point. The lunch crowd was evident when we went though we were lucky we didn’t have to wait long. The menu is hidden below the table, just in case you were left wondering (like us) what is taking the servers so long to bring us the menu. You choose the various parts of the cow to start with, followed by a selection of noodles or rice to go along. The beef is mainly from USA and Australia and the selection is as follows: Brisket ($10.90), Short Rib ($12.90), Sirloin ($14.90), Ribeye ($17.90) or Wagyu ($22.90)


We were pretty excited about pairing with the chilli sauce though the one in the middle reminds me of chicken rice chilli sauce


Thai Spring Rolls $7.90

Decently fried with crispy thin rolls , they were okay, not fantastic. But it’s a good side to go along with your noodles


Short Rib with Thai Rice Noodles (Soup) $12.90


We chose the Thai rice noodles to go along with the beef. The noodles were silky and thin which complements the broth very well


Short Rib with Thai Rice Noodles (Dry) $12.90


The dry version has hints of sesame in it, which brought out the flavours of the noodles


We pretty much were in love with the soup. Light and flavourful, it was a delightful broth. Infused with sweet tender beef slices and chewy beef balls, the flavours were robust and on point

I would go back for the soup anytime. I think it was a pretty decent bowl of Thai beef noodles and definitely one to try if you are a fan of  traditional kuay teow neua. Plus conveniently linked by downtown line, it is another option for those working in the CBD area

Kin Cow

Chinatown Point

133 New Bridge Rd #02-34

Singapore 059413

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