Hamamoto – Reservations So Hard to Get But It’s Worth The Try

The friend has repeatedly encouraged me to try Hamamoto but cos reservations were hard to get and I was just constantly procrastinating, I never had a chance to try. I finally scored a seat one weekend and here I am, finally at Chef Kazu’s restaurant at Tras street


You have to ring the bell to enter cos I saw the person infront of me trying to find her way in. lol



The interior was dark yet comfortable and the light was placed ideally at each seat to accentuate each dish that was going to appear infront of you. It’s a small place, which explained the difficulty in scoring reservations


I went for their in-house made Umeshu, which I have once tried at Kisho and I still love it now

I took the Sushi Experience, priced $280++, which consisted of Appetiser, Starter, Cooked Dish, Nigiri Sushi (6 pcs), Soup & Dessert


Assortment Appetiser

Ishigakigai, Tai Kobujime, Nama-Ikura


Love the presentation, feels like fall. The ikigai was really good, so soft and tender I have never tasted texture like this. The fresh ikura was stellar. The texture and flavour of the ikura would keep you wanting for more. The tai, however, was the least memorable. I thought the tomatoes outshone the fish with its burst of sweetness


Shiroebi & Yoichi Murasaki Uni, Kaluga Caviar

His uni is well known. So good you need to try it for yourself. Using a mix of bafun and murasaki uni, the texture, balance and sweetness was one to dream about. Love the sweetness from the ebi prawns and the delightful caviar which carried the entire dish really nicely





I remembered his Amadai from Kisho in the most positive way. Somehow, I felt like the fish broth was the star here. Light, sweet with a hint of yuzu. And served really really hot. The fish was fried delicately with the skin so thin, crisp and done so well


Pickles and Gari which I had more than one portion. lol




Chutoro Hagashi


Botan Ebi


Chutoro Peekaboo


Like previously, his fish is better than the shari. I find that the texture of the rice a little too hard for my liking and the vinegar was well, okay. But the quality of his fish was outstanding, from its handling to the sweetness, you find yourself anticipating for the next piece yet to come





Presenting a little differently, you can taste the faint smokiness in the fish yet it was not too overwhelming. The kinmedai had a nice touch of oiliness to it, which made this piece of sushi pretty satisfying



One of my favourite piece in sushi, each place does this piece differently to bring out the umami in it. And HMMT’s version was a mix of sweetness ending it off with a little saltiness

This was supposedly my last piece of sushi, but surprise surprise.. I was rewarded with not one, but two pieces of sushi on the house 😀

Chef: Are you full?

Me: Yes

Chef: Do you want some more?

Me: Okay!



Aburi Chotoro with Seasonal Matsutake Mushroom

I was struggling a little cos it was too big for me. But wow, the taste was amazing. The sweetness of the mushrooms alongside the tenderness of the fish was a burst of flavours in the mouth


And negi toro with uni no less 🙂


Love it!




Shizuoka Musk Melon & Kakigoori


Sakura Warabi Mochi

And ending it off with desserts which was of cos, a sweet end to the meal


Made even sweeter with matcha chocolate on the house too. lol

It was a good meal, and one that the friend was more excited than me. But I was glad I finally went and to revisit why I had enjoyed the meal prepped by Chef Kazu so much, from his attention to details to the quality of his dishes. And probably one I will revisit again


58 Tras Street, Singapore 078997

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