Panamericana Singapore – Grill Restaurant at Sentosa Golf Club

We were having staycation nearby at Sofitel Sentosa and decided to have dinner at Sentosa Golf Club which was just opposite. Cos there was nothing to eat at Sofitel itself and the rest of Sentosa just seemed too far to us. It was a good choice though since the weather was pretty bad that evening and it looked like the rain was never going to stop. The entrance to Panamericana is located at the exterior of the club, so in a way, you still need an umbrella to get to. Also we got the coveted outdoor seats cos apparently these outdoor seats are so popular they are booked out months in advance


Though I really don’t get the hype about it. I mean it’s like that lor

But glad the rain stopped šŸ™‚


Grapefruit Mojito $25

It was on their special menu. I think normal mojito would work better. The taste of grapefruit was so strong it was towards the bitter end


Cod Croquettes $28

Another of their specials, these cod croquettes were done very well. Crisp on the outside with the cod filling generous and creamy, they were actually quite filling as a starter


Uncle Charles Fried Chicken Sliders $24

Brioche, Roquefort Mayo, Hot Sauce

We thought they could come as mini sliders. How wrong we were. But I thought the sliders were decent and the fried chicken were good


Charred Cauliflower Florets $18

Cauliflower Puree, Salsa Verde, Almond

The friend needed some vegetables and so we had these cauliflower florets. I wouldn’t recommend to order these. lol. I mean it’s not bad, but they weren’t anything to shout about either

Processed with Focos

Wild-Caught Green Tiger Prawns $52

Brazilian Vatapa, Dende Oil, Coriander


These prawns were huge, fresh and succulent. And I like the sauce they were served with. They reminded me of Thai green curry which was a delight to pair with


Churros $14

These churros were one of the best I’ve eaten. The inside was cooked well and the outer just as crisp. The only shortcoming was they could have serve it with a side of chocolate dip too. And that would be perfect


The price here is probably on the pricier end but you are in Sentosa, I doubt there’s anything cheap there. Though the food here is pretty decent and service friendly. It makes a good dining option for those who want something different and relaxed and more so for those staying at Sofitel, since it’s just directly across. The indoor seating area does get a little noisy so it’s not exactly a romantic place for dinner

Panamericana Singapore

27 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa Golf Club, S(099892)

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