Apricus Coffee & Food – Sister Cafe By The Populus at Jalan Kayu

There’s a new cafe in the hood! Opened by the people behind The Populus, Apricus Coffee & Food is nestled among the stretch of Jalan Kayu eateries, adding some brunch and coffee for those staying in the area. The cafe wasn’t that crowded when we visited but the space was quickly filled up within an hour with families and couples. Guess this new cafe has been quickly known with word of mouth




Mocha $7 Orange Juice $7.50

Coffee was averagely priced though I wouldn’t say the same about the orange juice. I really like the mocha here with its right balance of rich chocolate and coffee together. Also, the delicate latte art was a bonus point. The OJ was a pretty decent cup, freshly squeezed and pretty concentrated


Lychee Oolong Tea $7

For those who prefer other beverages, the lychee oolong has layers of sweet lychee and fragrant oolong blending together


Brunch time!


Tempura Shimeiji Mushrooms $13

Spice Seasoning, Shio & Brown Butter Aioli Dip

Decided to go with the tempura mushrooms since truffle fries are pretty common. I thought the mushrooms were a good snack. A little on the saltier side, but it was a good companion to the pasta


The POPULUS Scramble $20

Scrambled Egg, Fresh Herb Melange, Marinated Feta, Turkey Bacon, Toasted Croissant

A popular dish on the menu, the generous amount of eggs was evident. So much that this croissant was actually a pretty filling dish. The bacon was done pretty well too and would suggest to eat all of these together so you can taste the different layers of flavours


Norwegian Salmon Brown Butter Pasta $23

Salmon Fillet, Fennel & Granny Smith Apple Slaw, Beurre Noisette, Shio Kombu Dust, Spring Onions


Probably not sometime you will early in the morning but I saw pretty good reviews on this dish. I thought the pasta was good.  I enjoyed the flavours and the texture of it. The salmon on the other hand, had a little fishy taste. Probably could use more lemon. Though overall I thought this was a pretty generous portion of pasta


Apricus French Toast $22

Baked Vanilla Brioche, Homemade Maple Granola, Butterscotch, Seasonal Fruits

20 minutes wait for this, the French toast came in a thick slab of brioche, with a huge portion of icecream. Overall, it was too sweet. So sweet I had problems finishing it. They could do away with the butterscotch, or change the flavour of the icecream. This dish would probably fare much better


Definitely welcome the new cafe in the area for more brunch options during the weekend. With good coffee, decent food and generous portion, this place is probably one you should go with more people so you can share the dishes

Apricus Coffee & Food

248 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799472

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