The Jungle Boy – Unexpected Find at Telok Ayer Serving Italian Cuisine

We were actually looking fora brunch place near our studio and chanced upon The Jungle Boy which had some pretty high ratings. So we made our way down for brunch, expecting to find eggs, bread and pancake only to find out that they had just changed their menu last week. WHY?! So instead of eggs, bread and pancake, we found an All Day Menu with Italian as its focus


It was actually pretty empty during the weekends so we were skeptical if we should have our coffee there


It turned out the coffee was actually pretty good!


Brunch became a very filling lunch instead


Truffle Fries $13

We got some truffle fries to share and was shocked at its amount. They were really generous with the fries and I thought they were pretty decent


Spaghetti Nero $26

Argentinian Red Prawns, Bisque, Garlic, Capers


Oh, this plate of pasta was pretty tasty too. The noodles had a chewy texture to it and you could taste the fragrance of the garlic. Prawns were a little on the soft side, would definitely prefer them crunchier. But overall, I thought it was not bad


Grilled Seabass $29

Fennel, Yuzu Kosho

We waited quite awhile for our seabass. We had expected the seabass to come in the form of fillet..

So when this arrived.. lol


We were shocked they gave us an entire fish. To be honest, we joked that this dish was rather similar to Chinese-style steamed fish with the amount of garnish on top and the broth underneath. The only difference was they had this grilled. The fish was good, sweet and fresh. And we were so full after that we had no space for dessert

The portion here is on the generous side and definitely good for sharing. Though I wished they had retained their brunch menu for the weekend since you could attract a different form of crowd. Oh wells, but the food here is generally decent so for those working in the CBD, you could give this a try during the weekdays


The menu for those interested

The Jungle Boy

126 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068595

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