Famous Treasure Restaurant – Unexpected Find at Capitol Serving Zichar Feast

We were searching for a place that could fit everyone’s appetite, and also a Chinese restaurant we have not tried before. I thought of Famous Treasure which was frequented by a few celebrities and we decided to head down for dinner. The restaurant was on the second floor and it’s probably the only tenant around so if you don’t make a conscious effort to go there, you would probably not find this place


The place was pretty crowded considering a pretty average interior, though staffs were more than friendly and ensured we had a good time there


Deep Fried Mushroom $12

We started off with the fried mushroom cos the kiddo was hungry and while waiting for the rest of the entourage to arrive. It was good, and the kiddo loved it


Prawn Roll $12

The filling of these prawn rolls were generous and somewhat tasted different from the ones you had. I enjoyed it a lot


Salt Pepper Fried Squid $10

The squid was quite well-received too. It was executed just right without too chewy and the coating was thin enough so you don’t feel like you eating fried dough


Pre-ordered this volcano chicken before cos it sounded quite interesting



Well, it’s quite a show-stopper too

Burn chicken burn. lol


Volcano Chicken $47.60

Even though the chicken took a long time to return to our table. But I was pretty impressed with the tenderness of the chicken and the slight oiliness/juiciness when you chew into it


Stir Fried Romaine Lettuce w Prawn Sauce $24

A somewhat plain dish yet it tasted pretty delicious. You could taste the wok-hey taste in it which was enough to whet your appetite. We regretted going for the medium portion cos we were struggling to finish them


Assam Fish Head (Half) $35

A crowd’s favourite. Everyone love this Assam fish. I would order it again in a heartbeat


Claypot Rice $65

Also pre-ordered the claypot rice which they took away before I could snap a photo. So here’s the portioned version of it. Well, I wouldn’t recommend to order this dish. lol. Lets say, I had tasted better elsewhere


Mango Puree w Sago $8


Mashed Taro w Ginko Nut $8

And skip the desserts. They were nothing to rave about

It was quite a surprising find, in a good way of course. And we pretty much agree we will return again, with our families this time. The quality of food was above our expectations and prices pretty reasonable too given it’s located at a shopping mall. If you are in the area, you can give this place a try as well

Famous Treasure Singapore

13 Stamford Road, #02-28

Capitol Singapore

Singapore 178905

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