Ushidoki Wagyu Kaiseki – Wagyu-Centric Kaiseki at Tras Street

There are not many restaurants in Singapore that focuses on Wagyu as its highlight and also, serving a ‘Tongue to Tail’ experience. The last time I had a wagyu-centric meal was in Kyoto 3 years ago and it was one of the best meals I ever had. So it definitely piqued my interest to see what Singapore has to offer at Ushidoki Wagyu Kaiseki


I had a long time waiting for the friend to arrive and the phone connection was down, so I was just staring into space, or the bottles that were lined up on the top shelf


And we were very lucky to get the counter seats which only sits 3 pairs of patrons


Love all the attention to details. There was also a small (and cute) cow figure infront of us that brought a smile to my face


The restaurant uses the beef from Miyazaki Prefecture and specially raised by Mr Muneharu Ozaki (and hence the name Ozaki beef)


Beef Tongue | Seasonal Vegetables | Ozaki Beef Consommé Soup

Starting with the tongue as our first course, the soup was the highlight, even more than the beef itself. I love the rich flavour of the soup which you can evidently taste the sweetness of the beef without being too overpowering, yet in a clear and light texture


Ozaki Beef Shabu | Sea Urchin ‘Uni’ Sauce

The softness of the beef was enjoyable and paired well with the creaminess of the uni sauce, leaving a lingering sweetness in your mouth


‘Rosanjin’ Style Sukiyaki served with ‘Mangetsu’ Soft Boiled Egg & Truffle



Dipping the beef slices with the creaminess of the yolk was satisfying with a melt in your mouth kind of texture though I can’t really appreciate the addition of the truffle here. I mean yes, they gave a lot and you could taste the texture of the truffle when you eat it together but yet not quite elevating in terms of flavour profile


They gave a small rice ball as well, so you can mix it with the sauce. And I really love it. The sweetness of the onions with the sauce definitely went well with some rice


Palate Cleanser

A tomato based fruit / sorbet before the next course arrived


Braised Ozaki Beef Hamburg

This was probably my least favourite of the entire meal. I thought it was just too much vegetables lol. The beef was braised to tenderness and you could taste it in the sweetness of the broth but somehow I found this dish lacking and it failed to impress me


Ozaki Beef Katsu Sando

And moving on to my favourite dish of the night. Small cubes of katsu sando with such a perfect pink in the centre, sandwiched with thin buttered toast with a lingering sweetness. Oh. So. Delicious


Ozaki Beef Sushi

You are supposed to wrap the nori together and eat it like a sushi. The friend really enjoyed this but I found it too salty, so much that if I close my eyes I can’t really tell what I was eating. I thought if they had kept the flavour of the beef much simpler, it would have been better since you can taste the natural sweetness of the beef clearly


Char-Grilled Ozaki Beef

Moving on to the mains, we had the sirloin cut of the beef that was grilled to perfection with a lingering oiliness when you chew into them


Paired with spring vegetables, the Hokkaido sweet potato was my favourite, followed by the yuzu. And the rest, I thought it was a little strange. And the presentation, could have been better. I mean it’s colourful, but a better presentation could have made the dish slightly better


Cold Somen w Oxtail Jelly

The somen was underwhelming. I thought it was pretty average but perhaps done so to highlight the oxtail jelly which was pretty interesting I must say. It honestly just tasted like jelly


Homemade Hokkaido Shinmura Milk Ice cream, Burrata Cheese & Strawberry

I told the friend I can’t really appreciate the dessert. I felt the overall flavour was too strong and it wasn’t quite a sweet ending. And burrata cheese with milk icecream was hmm :/ not the best combination in my opinion

I say the meal did fall a little short of expectations. It’s good but when I looked back, it wasn’t a meal that I would keep thinking of. I felt like there were definitely better meals that the friend and I had out there that was more memorable and this is probably not one of them

Ushidoki Wagyu Kaiseki

57 Tras Street, #01-01

Singapore 078996

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