Ginger Lily – Afternoon Tea at New Hilton Orchard

We decided to give afternoon tea at Ginger Lily a try since it’s newly opened. And crowd is on the thinner side so we had all the peace and quietness to ourselves on a weekend. The menu contained quite a number of items and each diner can choose 2 coffee/tea so it seemed be pretty reasonable at $58++ per pax




It’s a pretty huge space as well so a plus point for those large groups looking for a high tea option


Took a look at the display and I must say the cakes all look inviting

The high tea only starts at 2pm so we reached a little bit earlier to enjoy their cocktails and drinks which was not part of their high tea set


Mango $20

Gin, Vermouth, Mango Sorbet, Sparkling Wine

This was a little strange at the start. It felt like the concoction didn’t come together but it did get better towards the end when the mango sorbet blended well with the rest of the components


Jasmine $20

Vermouth, Rum, Pineapple, Pomelo Juice Jasmine Syrup, Soda

It wasn’t fantastic, but everyone agreed this was better than the mango cocktail. lol7B753BD1-EA1B-4D3D-94B7-F97DB7125F28_1_201_a

Sambal $20

Sambal Spiced Gin, Sherry Dry Curacao Shrub, Lemon

We thought the sambal kick could be stronger, else the drink was pretty flat and not very exciting


And here comes our storybook high tea set!

It comes with a free welcome drink too that is kombucha made in house

Yup you can imagine the number of drinks we had (plus some more not featured)


Sandwiches: Mini Lobster Roll, Avocado, Iberico Ham Crostini




Vanilla Madagascar & Golden Raisins Served with Homemade Ginger.Lily Jam, Clotted Cream, Cinnamon Chocolate Ganache

We thought the texture of the scones was quite nice but it would be better if it was served warm and the homemade jam was a winner. There wasn’t much taste of the cinnamon in the chocolate ganache so I thought that could be improved on. It honestly just tasted like Nutella


Had flat white as my first drink and I must say the coffee was good and pretty strong


Warm Savouries

Smoked Beef Burger, Grilled Sandwich w Cheese & Spinach, Salted Crusted Pork Bun

The warm savouries that came as a separate plate. Our favourite was the pork bun. The crust was thin and flaky with nice abundance of char siew in it. The burger was a little dry and the buns were on the tougher side. We thought the cheese & spinach was nice but the sandwich itself was a little too tough like it has been left out in the open for a long while


Mini Lobster Roll w Chives

The lobster roll was delicious. Lightly buttered roll with sweet lobster meat in it. They should keep this on the menu


Gluten Free Bread, Avocado, Dill

The bread didn’t work. Avocado with the salmon roes had a nice contrast to the flavours but the bread, hmm, need to be replaced


Iberico Ham Crostini, Baby Basil

The crostini was decent too. We love the saltiness of the ham and the citrus from the tomatoes that came together


Spiced Apple Tatin

Two words: very sweet


Almond Fig Tart

This was an acquired taste. Majority of us didn’t acquire the taste. lol


Valrhona 46% Amatika Chocolate Cake

The chocolate was deep in flavour and a little on the sweeter end. Though at this point, it was just too much sweets to intake


Tutti Frutti Tea Cake

We like the softness and texture of the cake itself and it had a light tea fragrance to it though they could have more variation in the cream itself


Pink Peppercorn Cherry Macarons

This was also sweet, in fact, sweeter than the usual macarons. We find it disappointing that it lacked the peppercorn taste


Blue Hibiscus Bar

Equally sweet. We were appalled the kid finished the entire stick of this. How?!

I understand they had just started on their high tea, and much could be done to improve on the quality and taste of it. So I wouldn’t recommend to go now. Probably wait it out a little while and hope that they could return with a stronger menu. Else the price point for the amount of food they serve, it’s pretty worth considering

Ginger Lily

Hilton Singapore Orchard

333 Orchard Rd, Level 5

Singapore 238867

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