Nicolas Le – Reasonable French Dining at Teck Lim Road

I remembered Nicolas Le was one of the first places where I was introduced to finer dining so I was glad to be back again, bringing back memories to where it all started from. The restaurant has been around for a long time though the interior has undergone some refurbishing and the space felt more constraint now. Giving how price inflation has been steadily climbing over the past years, I felt that Nicolas Le serves one of the more reasonable set menus in town with its 3-course & 1 amuse bouche pricing at $98++ for dinner


Because it is a small space, if your neighbours are talking really loudly, it makes it very difficult for conversation to take place


Started with a drink cos it was happy Friday


Amuse Bouche

that came in the form of Egg ‘A La Coque’


Every place has their own version of egg. But I did enjoy Nicolas Le’s. The texture of the egg was smooth and silky and the creaminess of the yolk with the ham was amazing


Pasta w Olives, Burrata


I regretted ordering this after I ate this. lol. The crab was definitely the better option. I’m not a particular fan of olives and sadly they couldn’t remove the olives from the sauce so I thought I gave this a try. But the taste of olives were rather strong and the pasta could be cooked a little tiny bit softer. The burrata with the pasta sauce was delicious though

And then we waited a really long time for the mains..


Iberico Presa Black Pig

The pork, in my opinion, was just alright. Nothing fancy, it was pretty average


Aged Wagyu Beef Tenderloin, Port Wine Reduction (+$10)

The wagyu was soft and tender with the right amount of oiliness but it did get pretty filling after awhile


Wild Caught Atlantic Whiting Fish, Ravioli

I say the fish was the best out of all 3. The crispness of the skin was amazing and the cook on the fish was done really well. Love the thinness of the ravioli and the creaminess of the sauce that complemented it all


Pre-desserts chocolates


Chocolate Tart



Both desserts were amazingly delicious. Please save space for desserts. Love the velvety texture of the tart with the right amount of sweetness and the friend claimed the tiramisu was one the best she had

To be honest, I did not have any recollection of my first visit here but if I could sum it up, it’s a place you will find decent French cuisine and could feel full with a 3-course menu at a pretty reasonable price range. The food does give off a homely feel to it without being too over the top though the desserts left a bigger impression on us rather than the mains

Nicolas Le

10 Teck Lim Road

Singapore 088386


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