Restaurant Euphoria – An Onion-Inspired Affair

[This review was done before P2HA]

This was another surprise, but more so because I couldn’t remember what I told the friend I wanted to try. Someone said this was worth a try and given it made it to Asia’s Top 50 restaurants, it definitely piped up my curiosity. Helmed by Chef Jason Tan who is known for his love for onions, you can find traces of onion-inspired designs in his interior (though I don’t really get it) and dishes in his menu. We went for the 6-course, priced $218 with beverage pairing available as well. We were the first to arrive and soon the crowd filled up the entire house and the friend was secretly happy cos our food gets to be served first being the first table




Feuille de brick | Celeriac | Baerii Caviar

The first dish was beautiful. Delicate, exquisite-looking and just looked too pretty to eat. It was good enough for you to appreciate the delicate pastry with caviar and start your meal on a good note


Rice | Sea urchin | Suika narasuke

I thought this was better in flavours. You feel the burst of the sweetness and creaminess coming from the uni filling the entire mouth


When they brought out the second set of Amuse Bouche, we were like there’s more? Clearly we never read the menu. lol


Gorgonzola | Black truffle | Honey

This felt like a Spanish tapas with the bread, cheese and black truffle. Even though it wasn’t served warm, but the flavours were like a burst of firework which was pretty satisfying


Foie gras | 100 years Grand Marnier| Opalys 33%

I was pretty impressed with their foie gras dish. This felt like desserts in advance. The foie gras was served in a liquid form, wrapped up with a chocolate casing and just having that one bite in your mouth made you felt like having another portion


Oscietra prestige caviar



5 Allium | Oscietra prestige caviar | Légumes essence




I agree this was a beautiful dish but I wasn’t exactly blown away. It was like yeah, this is good and okay that’s it. Lol. But the caviar was excellent



Onion part 2. I definitely prefer their bread course more. It was fragrant and done so well, you felt like you can have another bite of it. It was crispy, chewy and tasted like pudding on the inside


Served with a side of caramelised onion dip



Violin zucchini | Picholine | Vin jaune | Légumes emulsion

Really enjoyed the langoustine itself. The cook on the seafood was pretty amazing



Yunnan morel | Paris mushroom | Lardo | Légumes vin blanc

I thought the sauce stole the show. It was earthy and smelled of spice. It reminded us of curry but yet the taste was something different. It was rather interesting. But the fish.. it was debatable


And then we got to choose our own steak knife, cos why not? We got the whole selection to choose from cos our mains were served first. Yay



Carrot | 5 spice | Yuzu kosho | Légumes demi glace

This was actually the neck of the lamb. We took one of their mains each so we can try both. Surprisingly, the neck was done quite well. There was still a slight lamb taste but I thought it was bearable and the dish on a while tasted decent


( A4 Toriyama wagyu supplement $38++)

In my opinion, I preferred the beef. Love the doneness of the beef and how it simply melted in your mouth. And also the onions slices with pureed carrot was pretty amazing as well



Goma | Lemon | O-Med olive oil

I never had celery as a palate cleaner. Cos celery?! It was a leap of faith. I thought this was interesting and I was glad it went well with the black sesame so the result was not as bad as expected. But if given a choice, I think I will opt for something else. lol



Cornflakes | Buckwheat | Dulcey 32% | Sudachi

Love the cornballs and the cornflakes icecream. It was different and refreshing and definitely had feels of winter wonderland when they first brought the dessert out



Canelé de Bordeaux


Bandung Mochi


Macadamia “ Caramelia 36%”


Nutmeg Madeleine


In all, I thought the petite fours were amazing. My favourite was actually the macadamia chocolate. It was so good we wanted second portions of it but they didn’t have extras, so we had extra madeleine instead. HA

I thought the concept of Euphoria was daring, unconventional and out of the box. They placed a lot emphasis on vegetables and onions which might not suit everyone’s palate. Overall I thought the dishes were decent but not necessarily be blown away. But I wouldn’t mind dining there again, just not anytime soon

Restaurant Euphoria

76 Tras Street, Singapore 079015

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