Ristorante De Valentino – Unforgettable Italian Cuisine at Turf City

[This review was done before P2HA]

Decided to have lunch at Ristorante de Valentino after some deliberation cos I know the friends were gonna GASP when they realised where the restaurant is located at. lol. In any case, I was pretty excited to head down cos I’ve heard great reviews from people who had already been there. Stepping into the restaurant gave a really friendly and homely feel and it wasn’t too crowded for a weekend, which was good. We took a long while to decide what to order. In the end, we ordered most of their specials which was not on the menu. The friend was joking they should have just told us their specials from the start



The most exciting part of lunch – their wine cellar. It looks as if you were stepping into a wine shop. The amount of wine they have – I kid you not. It’s quite impressive


Beer Battered Zucchini Flowers $29.90 (special)

I love how beautifully done this zucchini were deep fried. The batter was just right and you could still taste the sweetness of the zucchini. To be honest, we were pretty impressed by how they could make a simple dish so tasty


Smoked Burratina $38.90 (special)

This smoked burrata stole our heart. The smokiness with the cheese melts in your mouth was just an explosion of fireworks. So damn good


Chicken Soup $22.90 (special)

A very homely cook on chicken soup, ang moh style


Tagliolini Porcini with Truffle $50


When we had our first bite of this tagliolini, our eyes go wide. A taste of this and you know this is definitely made from scratch, cooked al dente, infused with so much flavours. We love how they kept the pasta clean, just topped with truffle to elevate the whole profile. In the friend’s words – I can have another plate of this


Risotto Red Wine with Sausages $42.90 (special)

This was by far the most disappointing. I thought the rice was cooked well but the seasoning was just too salty. I love my food salty, but this was way over the top. And I would definitely prefer if the sausages were larger in size. It was rather unsatisfying


Grilled Branzino with Vegetables $45.90

The fish.. was nothing to shout about. Would probably try something else the next time


Slow Cooked Wagyu Brisket $48.90 (special)

Ooh, this was excellent. The beef fell apart so easily and we love how it goes so well with the sauce


Tiramisu $16.80

This tiramisu had a strong taste of liquor and coffee. I thought it was a pretty delicious cup of tiramisu


Pistachio Panna Cotta $18.90 (special)

Ending with this pistachio panna cotta was like icing on the cake. The fragrance and flavour of pistachio really shone through and we enjoyed how smooth and velvety and panna cotta tasted. It was really good

People who know me knows I’m not a fan of Italian cuisine cos I don’t like pasta and pizza. But Ristorante de Valentino had probably just changed my mind about Italian. And if I were to live nearby, I would probably visit them quite often

Ristorante De Valentino

200 Turf Club Road, #01-19

Singapore 287994

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