SCALED by Ah Hua Kelong – For The Seafood Lover in You

[This review was done before P2HA]

Ah Hua Kelong has been around for a long time. SCALED by Ah Hua Kelong was born with a concept to promote fresh seafood from kelong and local farms with a ‘farm-to-table’ identity. Located at Jalan Besar, the place was full and reservations are recommended to make way in advance. We took the bar seats cos that was the only available and we could spy the action in the kitchen, which was fast and furious. I love how attentive the service was too, and the menu was a play on flavours you are familiar with



La Chouette $12.50

A light and easy to drink cider, on the sweeter notes


Dang Gui Mussels $16

Angelica Root Broth, Steamed Mantou

If you enjoy your food with medicinal herbs, you will enjoy this Dang Gui mussels. Love the flavour of the Angelica root and the sweetness of the mussels though I felt like the steamed mantou is a little strange


Sambal Lala $15

Sake, Sambal Belachan, Garlic Confit Toast

Really love this sambal lala. You can taste the sake with a nice  and yet not-overly-spicy sambal which was comforting for the soul. The fresh lala are a plus point too


The mains took some time to arrive cos the oven failed on them. lol


Prawn Dashi Aglio Olio $24

Fried Prawn Heads, Roasted Prawns, Prawn Stock

A rather flavourful dish with every mouthful tasted of prawn though not a very memorable dish in my opinion


Chilli Crab Risotto $26

Roasted Prawns, Coriander Oil, Sous Vide Egg

Even though this was a recommended dish, I thought it was rather disappointing. It felt too watery and the egg makes it worse. I mean, yes, you can still taste the chilli crab but I would prefer to order something else


Battered Golden Pomfret $25

Geotjeori, Slow Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Sansho Pepper


Out of the 3 mains, I thought this pomfret was the best. Fish was fresh and done well and I love the sauce that came with it. The chips were worth a mention too, so much that the friend wanted to buy some of it. lol


Dessert of The Week

Came in the form of butterfly pea panna cotta with orange peels. It was different cos you can taste the jasmine tea infused in it so the natural sweetness came from the tea flavour and topping it off with meringue to give it some crunch. It was a rather lovely dessert

I’m a seafood person. I love my seafood more than meat. I thought SCALED is an interesting concept, using fresh seafood and creating playful flavours on things you are familiar with. Definitely worth a try if you enjoy seafood and want something different

SCALED by Ah Hua Kelong

8 Hamilton Road, Singapore 209179

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