FLNT – Japanese with A Touch of Peruvian Soul at ION Level 55

[This review was done before P2HA]

FLNT is such a beautiful place. Located at level 55 of Ion orchard (where Salt Grill & Bar used to occupy), guests have to take a specified lift from level 4 and one can enjoy the ‘changing scenery’ on your way up. Owned by the 1-Altico group, one can expect a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavours, though at the end of the meal we felt like they should have just stuck to one cuisine or another


It’s definitely a pretty place to get married here

I happened to visit the restaurant for both lunch and dinner and got to see what both menu offers



Lunch Set served with Pickles and Miso Soup



This was very underwhelming. It felt like something you can do at home. The friends were like hmm the tomatoes are fresh and that’s about it. lol


Bara Chirashi Don $45

Chef’s Selection Sashimi over Rice | Aji Amarillo (Yellow Pepper) | Corn Nut | Ikura


Honestly, the Bara Chirashi was decent. Love the myriad of colours though I felt the portion was a little small


Matcha Cookie

Each lunch set comes with a dessert and in my case, a cookie, which was nothing to shout about


Tempura Don $30

Tiger Prawn | Cherry Blossom Shrimp | Onion | Avocado | Onsen Egg

The friends went for the tempura don which they thought was good but could do with more rice and less funky stuffs like the onions and avocado. It was just an overwhelming amount of vegetables


Nohara Yaki $38

Grilled Wagyu Sirloin served Sukiyaki Style | Raw Egg Yolk | Mountain Pepper

We got a Nohara Yaki to share which the friend was shocked that a small portion like this cost $38. lol. She really exclaimed out loud. To be fair, the beef was good. But whether was it worth the price, I really don’t know


Flame Seared Salmon | Aji Amarillo | Ikura $14

On to the dinner menu which I told the friends I could tell you guys what NOT to order. lol. When the menu mentioned sushi, we thought it would have come as rolled sushi. To our surprise, it came in the form of rice bowl which was rather tiny. Meant for 1-2 pax, not recommended for sharing portions

The seared salmon don was decent, though similar in taste to the one I tried for lunch


Wagyu | Uni | Mountain Pepper $28

The beef was good, but not the uni. The uni tasted kind of strange


Teba Gyoza $18

Chicken Wing stuffed with Pork | White Corn | Yuzu | Kaffir Lime

Probably one of the better Agemono dishes


Tomorokoshi Tempura $15

Corn | Shiso | Camembert Cheese | Curry | Egg


Ikayaki $22

Grilled Squid  | Niboshi Pesto | Nikkei Spices | Seaweed

The squid was a little on the drier side and it definitely could be better


Iberico Pluma $45

Grilled Spanish Acorn-fed Pork | Achiote Sauce

I liked how the pork was done though I wouldn’t say the same about the sauce


Gindara $45

Grilled Miso Cod | Aji Verde (Peruvian Green Sauce)

Was recommended to order this and hence we gave it a try. I thought the Aji Verde was more memorable than the fish itself. I mean, the fish was okay lah

Halfway through the meal, the friends said – I think we need to have Macs after this. lol. So we skipped desserts and headed down to Godiva which was honestly more satisfying than the entire meal we had here. I thought the food in general was not very memorable and if you really want to give this place a try for its ambience, just take the lunch sets which in my opinion is more worth it. I also felt if one were to charge higher prices for their food, they either need to substantiate with quality or finesse which sadly I can’t find any here. So.. I doubt I will be returning anytime soon


2 Orchard Turn


ION Orchard

Singapore 238801

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