Hashida Singapore – My Last Meal Before P2(HA)

When Singapore announced the measures of P2(HA), the colleague immediately turned to me and said – you can still have Hashida tomorrow! And yes indeed, we were thankful we can still have one last meal of sushi before dining-in is not allowed (This also shows the amount of backlog I had). Having moved many times from Mandarin Gallery to Mohd Sultan Road and finally now at Amoy, the friend finally got to try Hashida and well, hopefully they don’t move anymore


They have 2 dining areas and thankfully we were seated at the main dining, served by Chef Kenjiro Hashida. Their menu is available on their website so the friend took Tachibana ($180) with +5 sushi and I went for Omakase ($300). Each of their menu only consists of 7 sushi pieces and in a state of confusion, I thought omakase also only serves 7 pieces (I was thinking how many cooked dishes would I be served then. lol). I think the friend further confused the chef when she requested the addition of sushi cos we could see the chef was really confused. HA


Their chopstick holder has a fortune telling but honestly if the server did not highlight to us, we would have just crumpled the paper up


Eggplant with Asparagus, Lotus Root, Tuna Flakes & 7-Spice Chilli Powder

I really like the eggplant. It was so sweet it didn’t taste like one. And the chilli powder was a nice complement to the dish. It gave a little heat but not too much so you can still appreciate the sweetness from the vegetables


Chawanmushi w Sea Bream, Bamboo Shoot, Japanese Yam & Parsley

Rather different, reminds me of the yam dish I had in Kyoto. The yam lies on top of the steamed egg custard so you get the sweetness from the egg and the gooey texture from the yam


Octopus with House-made Seaweed, Flounder with Sudachi Lime, Chutoro

The octopus was really good, and the house-made seaweed stole the show


Fish Cake with Crab Meat Sauce, Mushroom, Asparagus, White & Purple Leek, Carrots

Love the crab meat sauce which puts the whole dish together

Okay, sushi time!


Sea Bream w Gin

The first piece of sushi sets the pace. We love the flavour of the sea bream marinated in gin. You can still taste the sweetness of the fish yet with a nice touch of gin



I usually focus on the shari with my second piece. They could do a little bit more with the vinegar cos I felt it was just lacking. The rice didn’t have the right temperature but I like the rice was cooked just right




Botan Ebi

I thought the Botan ebi was disappointing. It was slimier than the usual ones I’ve had before




Akami Zuke

But the marinated tuna was really good. I thought they had done a really good job with this fish



Love the kinmedai with a slightly smokey taste


Chef also told us he cut his hair, even though he preferred to have some. lol


Pen Shell with Uni Rice

One of Chef Hatch’s favourite shell fish, I thought the uni rice outshone the shellfish cos the flavour of the uni was so strong


Japanese Barracuda



This combination was really good. Slightly grilled with the creaminess of the uni and the fragrance of the seaweed


Prawn-based Miso Soup with Japanese Fishcake

The prawn-based miso soup was also welcoming for a change. It’s like having prawn noodle with a cleaner and elevated taste


Ikura Crab Meat Don with Uni


Aji Sashimi / Aji with Mandarin Orange & Jalapeño aged 3 days

Cos the chef said the Aji he had today is really good and I love a good piece of Aji. I know. Acquired taste. lol. He used the end of Aji for the sashimi cos he didn’t want to waste a good piece of Aji. And his own recipe of yuzu kosho really brought out the flavour of Aji







Saving the best for the last A good piece of nodoguro, slightly grilled


Earl Grey Jelly, Milk Ice cream & Melon

Love it when sushiya serves fruits. Even better when it’s a platter of desserts. lol


I would remember Hashida for its friendliness/attentiveness and his gari. His fish was okay, not too bad, but as a whole, I felt the sushi was pretty unmemorable. And if you are gonna take his normal courses with 7 pieces of sushi, I think you may have to go to Amoy hawker next door to have something else as well

Hashida Singapore

77 Amoy Street

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