Restaurant Labyrinth – Innovative Mod-Sin Cuisine with Homage to My Singapore

Finally found time to visit Restaurant Labyrinth, which is well-known for giving local cuisine a modern twist. The lunch tasting menu ($138) is created with a theme – Homage to My Singapore, paying tribute to what you are familiar with. The restaurant also partners with local farms and fisheries on supporting the local community so you will see names that you have come across on the menu



This cute little plate is placed on every table (as decorative purpose?) before the servers brought them away as your first course is being prepared

To be honest.. what’s the point? lol




Uncle William’s Quail Egg

“Oolong Tea Smoked Egg”


Uncle William’s Quail, Russian Caviar



Ah Hua Kelong Green Lip Mussel

Fish Paste, Laksa Sauce, Taupok

Among the snacks, my favourite was the mussel cos the laksa sauce was deliciously satisfying. The quail egg was nice, though it can do with a strong oolong taste. The murtabak was rather forgettable in my opinion


Kuhlbarra Barramundi

Ulam Rajah, Pickled Daikon, Nutrinest Farm Honey

It’s refreshing but that’s about it


“Bak Chor Mee No Bak Chor No Mee”

Hokkaido Scallop, Jurong Fishery Squid


Wow – it really looks like it. I was impressed with how they managed to recreate to something so similar. Love the doneness of the scallops and the slight chewy texture of the squid noodles. Visually, I would give it 100% but I wasn’t exactly blown away by the flavours in general


Ah Hua Kelong Garoupa


Homemade Fish Paste Noodles, Fish Milk, Fatt Chor, 12Y Flor de Cana


My favourite dish of the lunch. Their version of fish noodle soup was so outstanding I would have this anytime. Love the crisp fatt choy wrapped around the fresh garoupa and the fish paste noodles soaking up the rum-infused broth


Setup on point – Feels like an old school date


“An Ode to Cairnhill Steakhouse” +$35 Supplement

Tochigi A4 Wagyu Striploin, Hainanese Red Wine Sauce


I was full by this point. I thought the wagyu was a little too oily for my liking to some extent I didn’t want to finish it


“Ang Moh Chicken Rice”

Toh Thye San Kampong Chicken, Chicken Mushroom Soup, Black Truffle Sauce



To be honest, I was rather excited when I saw chicken rice on the menu. I was looking forward to how they were going to elevate this dish. But it was rather disappointing. The claypot rice was a little hard in my opinion and it did not taste like chicken rice. The chicken lacked the fragrance of how it should be like. The only saving grace was the chilli and garlic sauce which made the whole dish a little better


I think you can find better chicken in hawker centres anytime..


Oyster Plant

Wandering Jew, Roselle, Tropical Fruits


“My Favourite Pasar Malam Snacks”

Sweet Corn Textures, Muah Chee, Cotton Candy, Biskit Piring, Sorghum


It felt like they were just mixing and throwing everything you can find in pasar malam and the result was just a monotone taste of sweetness. Just sweet lor


“Kaya, Teh Tarik & Eggs”

Russian Hybrid Caviar, Authentic Hainanese Kaya

But I was impressed with their meringue-made kaya toast. But what would have been even better if they have a side of teh tarik as well. Idea right?

 I think to create a menu that a local is familiar with, there needs to be greater conviction in the flavours to impress the local. Aesthetically, there’s no doubt they have done well in this aspect, but it would be even better if the flavours could match up as well. Generally, there were dishes that were more impressive than the others. I thought there could be improvement in their service as well cos for a Michelin-starred restaurant, I would have expected more

Restaurant Labyrinth

Esplanade Mall

8 Raffles Ave, #02 – 23

Singapore 039802

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