Neon Pigeon – The Boozy Brunch on Weekends

Met the friend for brunch over the weekend (actually many weekends ago cos I had a huge amount of backlogs) and silly me didn’t realise they have moved. So I only realised when the train reached Outram mrt and I went CRAP. lol anyway, made it there eventually and we had a good laugh over it


The place gets filled rather quickly and the table next to us looked like they were having a bachelor party or something


We went for the Boozy Brunch which costs $75 for 2 hours free flow. We had one set of food ($49) which you get to pick one snack, one birdfeed and one main


House Sparkling (Prosecco) and Shinjuku

Our food not even arrived and we had 2 drinks to start


Housemade Chuka Wakame

Seaweed, Shiso, Chilli, Melon

Nothing fanciful, just a simple appetiser to start


Roasted White Miso Eggplant

Eggplant Soy Puree, Mint, Furikake

We are usually not a fan of eggplants, but I felt like Japanese eggplants are always worth a try. Call it biasness. lol


Tokyo Hummus $10

Edamame, Curry Chips

This was pretty interesting. Instead of your usual hummus made from chickpeas, this was replaced with edamame topped with lots of furikake to give it an extra flavour. I felt like they were trying too hard with the curry chips. It was okay, but it didn’t make me feeling like taking a second piece


Katsu Sando

Pork Katsu, Scrambled Eggs, Bulldog Sauce, Furikake Fries

The sandos were decent but the fries felt bland on the inside


Duck Confit Ramen $20

Foie Gras Paitan Broth, Mushroom, Spring Onion, Napa Cabbage


Probably the only saving grace. Served limited portions per day, the broth was infused with richness of foie gras and it was so satisfying just drinking the soup. We would just come back and just have this bowl of ramen


Bloody Mariko

Strong Shochu, Tomato Juice, Umami-Togarashi Spice Mix

Not for the faint hearted. They had different levels of spiciness – non spicy, spicy, very spicy. I had Spicy and I died. LOL. Never gonna have a second glass of this


Daily Omakase Dessert

I felt like cos we drank so much (like really making the 2 hours worth), the quality of food felt secondary to us. Even it wasn’t fantastic, it was still pretty okay. So taking the drinks aside, the food might not excite me that much, well, other than the ramen. So recommended for those that need a drink, or many drinks over the weekend, you might want to give this place a try

Neon Pigeon

36 Carpenter Street, #01-01

Singapore 059915

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