MoboMoga – Sake Bar at Robertson Quay Worth Visiting

I chanced upon this sake bar on IG and rounded up the sake gang to check it out. Bookings opened one month in advance and you need to follow them on social media to be aware when the booking will be released. I can only say, I was so glad I checked this place out



It’s not a big place and you just sit around the bar


Our first round of sake, a fruity sweet sake with magic sake cups!


Machida Shuzo Daiginjo $180

It’s good and easy to drink, though you probably can buy it online half the price :/


Low Temperature Cooked Chicken Liver $14

I was impressed with the liver (if you are a liver fan that is). Very clean taste with a combination of spring onion and onions. It was really delicious


Homemade Smoked Platter $25

(Beef Tongue / Duck / Scallop)

Smoked platter. Really good. The smokey taste was so evident. Love the cheese and duck piece. I can have another portion of this anytime


Hokkaido Fresh Uni Omelette $28


Who doesn’t love a good omelette. Uni + omelette = I’m sold


Grilled Chicken Meatball $12

We were surprised by the presentation. We were expecting like small round pieces. Though their version was well-cooked and flavourful as well. Mix it with the runny yolk and it’s like ooh lala


A5 rank Kagoshima Wagyu Steak $32

To be honest, I cannot remember much of the steak cos we were on our second bottle already. lol all I can remember is the friend finished everything – probably says a lot as well


Chicken Karaage $12

Skip this, save your calories. I’m not saying it’s not good, but they were decently normal


Homemade Fish Cake $14

Rather good, if you want something different and you like fish cakes. We did, hence we ordered


Ham Cutlets with Blue Cheese $16

We were actually skeptical and deciding if we should order this, cos bad blue cheese can go very wrong. But wow, this ham cutlet really changed our opinion of blue cheese. Perfectly executed, you can taste the strong cheese and the sweetness of ham and rounding it off with the honey dip was icing on the cake




Sushi Cake $100

Actually not very surprising cos I ordered it (for myself). LOL. That aside, the sushi cake was served on rice, so if you were gonna add in this extra order, you might want to gauge how much dishes to order. The sashimi were thick and fresh and I love how they added aburi-ed pieces and uni though $100 for a cake might be a little expensive. HA


Shizouka Style Oden

Yam Noodles $3 / Rolled Cabbage $7 / Beef Shank $5 / Hokkaido Radish $5

Rounding the night with oden cos after drinking too much, a piping hot broth is always welcomed. The soup was really comforting. Filled with sweetness and goodness, it was a very decent bowl of oden

Looking back, I was impressed with how much we ate. But I felt like this was one the best sake bars I’ve been. Food and sake aside, the staffs were friendly and mood was joyous. It puts you in a really relaxed mood and when you leave the place, it makes you feel like you want to come back again


 207 River Valley Road

UE Square #01-58

River Wing S(238275)

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