Meta – One of The Best Meals I’ve Had This Year

I’ve heard good things about Meta. Located at Keong Saik road, Meta (short for Metamorphosis) finds traces of chef Sun Kim’s Korean heritage along his Japanese culinary techniques and Western culinary trainings to create a myriad of flavours in his menu. With the kitchen at a corner, guests can spot the activities buzzing from the kitchen and there’s more than enough staffs to go around to ensure a smooth service. There is only one menu for dinner, priced $248 with beverage pairing available as well



Foie Gras

Verjus | Strawberry




Kombu Brioche | Wasabi Mayo


Tuna Tartare

Perilla | Nori



Cuttlefish | Yuzu


Yukhoe (Front)

Wagyu Beef | Korean Pear

Kimbap (Back)

Daikon | Kamtae



Cabbage | White Kimchi | Uni


Signature Oyster +$10

Amongst the snacks, the most impressive was the chawanmushi. It blew me away. I liked everything on the snack menu. The foie gras with strawberry was refreshing, the prawn with kombu brioche was well executed, the yukhoe was stellar even though I thought the kimbap tasted a little strange to me and the chawanmushi – they should continue keeping it on the menu. Love the crunch, the acidity and the sweetness of the uni coming together



Caviar | Dashi Jelly | Mustard


Jeju Abalone

Multigrain | Flower Crab | White Asparagus

The abalone was done really nicely. The texture was not rubbery and on a whole, the dish was a little smokey and flavourful



Daikon | Mussel | Kohlrabi

Really enjoy the fish. Executed so beautifully with the skin crackling and meat so smooth and the pickled daikon to complement the sweetness


Showing us the pigeon before it was brought back to the kitchen



Chervil Root | Bacon | Parsnip

What you get is a rich yet tender pigeon meat


This was the highlight. Never tasted pigeon like this. The pigeon leg was simply outstanding


Omi Wagyu Striploin

Gan-doenjang | Gobo Rice | Morel



I was less excited about the wagyu cos it was slightly oily but the gobo rice was worth a mention, so tasty I actually asked for a second portion but it never came! Sighs. I really wanted a second portion of it 😦



Peach | Sake | Aloe Vera

This looked rather simple but when you put in into your mouth, it made you felt like like, okay, this really cleansed my palate. I’m ready for desserts. HA



Banana | Soybean | Mixed Grain

And desserts was an Injeolmi-inspired dessert which I really enjoyed. Banana + soy bean = Such a splendid combination


Petit Fours

Sudachi Marshmallow

Kombu Cream Tart

Ending with some petite four which really concluded the meal on a good note though we were left a little puzzled why there were only 2 items. lol. Hey, it’s supposed to be petite 4!

I really enjoyed my meal at Meta. I felt like the flavours were right, execution was on point and overall, it was just a really good meal. The friend insisted this is probably a place I will categorize into ‘100% Coming Back’ which I don’t disagree, but for the fact which everyone’s palate is different, we shall leave it as it is. I thought the chef did an amazing job of incorporating familiar Korean ingredients with classic flavours and techniques to create a new set of menu to call his own. And, it’s definitely one of the best meals I’ve had this year


1 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089109

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