Tippling Club – Innovative Gastronomy at Tanjong Pagar

I felt like this birthday I might have tried half the places I wanted to try regardless if they had made it to my list long ago or recently. The friend surprised me with a visit to Tippling Club which thankfully I have not visited before. It was quiet for lunch and we chose the counter seats so we could watch the action from the kitchen

Campfire $21

Smoke, Mother’s Milk, Gin, Citrus, Hickory

They have a special cocktail list going on so we got this Campfire completed with marshmallow which was really adorable. Love the drink too. Initially thought the concoction sounded too funky, but the flavours really came well together

Musa $21

Peat, Banana, Whisky, Maple, Xocolati

And then we had Musa cos it also sounded interesting. After I had the first sip, I told the friend okay this is yours. lol. It was so strong! But it got really nice towards the end cos the honeycomb melted and gave a really rounded and pleasant taste

Bone Marrow on Toast

Such a cute presentation. Taking what you are familiar with served on top a warm bread. I’m not a particular fan of bone marrow but I thought this was decent

Wagyu Tartare Taco, Cumin Ketchup, Cotija  (Top)

Kingfish, Nori Cracker, Yuzu, Avocado (Bottom)

Was told to have the fish first and the beef second. And honestly I definitely preferred the fish more. The fish was light, refreshing and with the nori cracker was a burst of flavours on the palate. The wagyu taco was rather impressive as well. Heavier on the flavours, I thought the sauce was really good

Poached Tomatoes, Chilled Consomme

Never knew you could have a cold soup like this. Feels like having art on your plate, or I mean, in a bowl. It was chilled, sweet with just the right amount of acidity

Vichyssoise of Spring Vegetables, Poached Poulet Egg, Lacto Fermented White Asparagus

To be honest, I wasn’t very excited by the description. But this was probably one of my favourite dishes of the meal. And I could still remember the taste just looking at the photos. The broth was really good. Filled with sweetness from the vegetables, balanced with crunchy asparagus and a savoury ham and washing it down with a runny yolk

Foie Gras Viennetta, Fig Jam, Hazelnut Brittle

Foie Gras & Hazelnut, didn’t know it could go so well together. A combination of savoury and sweets, balanced off with dried fig and and hazelnut sauce. I can’t tell if I was having desserts already. The friend was savouring this delicately cos he didn’t want to waste the foie gras. lol

Meagre, Wild Garlic Emulsion, Parmesan Custard

This piece of fish was executed beautifully. Crispy, soft with a nice silky texture

AUS Short Rib Pastrami, Onion, Violette Mustard

I was really full at this point. The chef told us the short ribs will fall apart once we slice it through. I wanted to ask if the ribs didn’t fall apart, can we return the dish to them? I think the friend wanted to slap me. HAHA

Verdict: The ribs were really tender with a melt-in-your-mouth kind of texture

Hokkaido Musk Melon

Palate Cleanser

Apple Tart, Calvados, Vanilla Tonka Icecream

And I made it to desserts. This was really apple on a plate, in all shapes and texture. I enjoyed the dehydrated apple which was something different but I felt the savouries were better

Birthday Dessert 🙂

Died here. I couldn’t eat anymore. Though I must say this was a pretty plate of dessert

Petite 4

Concluded the savouries were definitely better than the sweets

I thought Tipping Club was different. Their food was innovative, bold yet not too wild and I like how each plate comes together beautifully. If you are looking for something modern and creative, perhaps you can consider giving this place a try

Tippling Club

38 Tanjong Pagar Road

Singapore 088461

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