Clos Pasoh – French Brasserie with A Modern Touch

French cuisine is something I really enjoy other than Japanese being top on the list. So the friends suggested to try out Clos Pasoh, a place newly opened by Chef Louis Pacquelin formerly from now-defunct BBR by Alain Ducasse. Located among the shophouse at Bukit Pasoh area, you have to climb the stairs before stepping into the beautifully-designed space. It’s so chic it felt like just the place for some good food and drinks



Foie gras tartlet (2 pcs) $21

Passion fruit, Bonito Flakes

First up, Foie Gras. This was surprising cos we hadn’t expect a tart like this. The foie gras was done like a filling on top a passion fruit puree and topped with bonito flakes. It was a nice touch especially for people who are not really fans of foie gras. I’m less excited about the crust but I thought this dish as a whole was decent


Escargots et Cresson $23

Snails, Bone marrow, Cold Watercress Chlorophyll

We had a good laugh over this cos we thought this was the spinach we ordered as a side. It was only after awhile when I found escargots inside the bowl and I was like OH, this was the escargots. Sorry, we had expected escargots served in a hot plate. Though I must say, I thought this dish was pretty good. The bone marrow brought out the taste of the escargots and the watercress to give it a refreshing taste


Champignons au vin Jaune $23

Mushrooms Comté cheese & Vin Jaune Dumpling, Walnut Emulsion

Pretty tasty. You can taste the sweetness of the mushrooms and the cheese bursting together topping it off with the nuttiness of the walnut emulsion


Tombée D’épinards $12

Spinach, Shallots, Aged Soy Sauce

This was salty, really salty. I’m pretty sure it was the aged soy sauce but we finished everything. lol


Queue de Lotte $138

Chargrilled Monkfish Tail, Basil Mustard Sauce (2 to 3 guests)


So so good. This was really good. The cheaper version of lobster, the monkfish tail was done so well. And we like the basil sauce with their secret recipe to give it off a little surprise


Mont blanc $16

French Chestnut Dessert with Blackcurrant

This was a really memorable dish. Not your usual Mont Blanc, I love how the chestnut filling was paired with a light meringue – they really paired well together


Mousse au Chocolat $14

Chocolate Mousse with Guanaja Dark Chocolate

Done with the chef’s mother’s recipe, chef Louis jokingly told us he will give us his mom’s number to complain if this was not good. Well, this was a really thick mousse, full of chocolatey taste yet not too overpowering. I say, this was worth ordering

I find the food different here, traditional yet modern with a touch of creativity. I really like Clos Pasoh, for the food and the ambience and well, we had a good experience while we were there. It felt like a great place to unwind after work or just to catch up with friends and it’s definitely worth coming back

Clos Pasoh

48A Bukit Pasoh Rd, Level 2

Singapore 089859

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