Hathaway – Beautiful Place at Dempsey with Modern Asian Cuisine

Hathaway is a new place at Dempsey, a little small but beautifully decorated. The friends and I decided to visit the place for lunch and was met with a heavy downpour. Rain + Dempsey, not a good combination. The menu is a fusion of everything with much emphasis on local heritage. Prices are on the pricier side, so don’t be shocked by the bill when it arrives



Iced Blue Pea Yuan Yuan $9

Gave this a try cos it’s not often I see this on the menu. I say this surprises, in a good way. I love the balanced of coffee + tea with a little mixture of the sweet pea to give it a herbal taste. The glass looks small. I’m not sure if it’s for presentation purposes but it definitely made us think wah! such a small cup for $9! More expensive than %! lol


Hathaway’s Big Breakfast $36

Homemade Sausage (Chicken), Smoked Beef Brisket, Potato Latkes, Tomatoes, Sautéed Mushrooms, Kacang Pool, Choice of Eggs, Baguette, Le Beurre Bordier Butter

A big plate of breakfast to feed the hungry, and a combination of everything. I thought this plate of big breakfast was pretty decent, from the sausage to the beef brisket and the potatoes latkes. Though neither of us enjoyed the beans. Perhaps they could replace it with something else


Pengat Pisang French Toast $28

Caramelised Bananas in Coconut Milk, Apom Berkuah Ice cream, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Edible Flowers, Nuts & Seeds, Brioche French Toast

This was a beautiful plate of French toast with a touch of Peranakan influence. A well-executed French toast with a good balance of fruits and nuts


Wagyu Beef & Chicken Skewers $24

Sher Wagyu, Chicken Thigh, Compressed Rice Puffs, Cucumber & Shallot Slaw, Peanut Sauce

I thought the skewers were just alright. Nothing to shout about in my opinion


Whole Baby Potato Cottage Fries $16

Garlic, Rosemary, Za’atar Labneh, Chilli-Lime Cilantro

Something for sharing cos there were no fries on the menu. We thought the za’atar labneh was an interesting combination but the chilli-lime cilantro was weird to pair with. It just didn’t go quite well together


Ah Nya’s Curry $32

Heirloom Recipe, Local Barramundi, Fondant Potatoes

The curry was not bad, but can be a little spicier. Fish was well-cooked and well, they could have given 1 or 2 more potatoes


Octopus Bakar & Sambal Udang $42

Grilled Octopus, Sambal King Prawns, Charred Polenta, Coriander Lime Relish


This was an interesting dish. It felt very Indonesian-inspired with the grilled octopus and sambal prawns. The foam-like charred polenta was a surprise too though I felt it was more for presentation purposes cos it doesn’t seem to gel with the seafood


Seri Muka $16

Kueh Salat, Apom Berkuah Icecream, Pengat Pisang Sauce

I liked the warm kueh salat with the pengat pisang sauce. The kueh has a nice pandan fragrance to it and the rice was soft to taste


The Queen’s Conserve

Kouign Amann, Lavendar Icecream, Passionfruit Curd

This butter-sugar pastry was really crisp and I thought the combination with lavender was a good choice. Ending it with a passionfruit curd to balance the flavours so you get a little sweet and sour on the palate

I thought the food at Hathaway was okay but the friends didn’t seem to like it very much. All I heard throughout was wah, this is an expensive meal (which is true). I guess if you happen to be in the area or just wanted somewhere nice and quiet, you can drop by for a visit


Block 13 Dempsey Road


Singapore 249674

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