Junior Pocket Bar – Ushering The Ox Year with A CNY Menu

It was coincidental when we popped by Junior Pocket Bar and found out they have a special CNY menu running till Feb 27. The friend wanted to go there for its rotating menu concept and since we were in luck, we gave almost all the drinks a try. The CNY drinks menu comprises of 8 items and each retails at $25. The names were interesting, the interior too. It was definitely filled with festive mood


Posing for a photo for us



Hurricane Popcorn $5

Furikake, Sesame Oil, Vinegar Powder

Got something to munch on to start and these popcorn was really interesting. We like how it tasted so different with the fragrant sesame oil but I thought the popcorn felt a little on the softer side to me. More furikake will be appreciated too!


Duck Wrappers $19 [CNY Treats]

Pan Seared Duck Breast, House Made Plum Sauce, Pickled Carrot & Daikon

I thought it would come deep-fried. Clearly I didn’t read the description. The duck skin was really fatty and the meat wasn’t the best. I thought the wrapping skin was a little thick for my liking


Crab Cake Burger $21

Crab Croquette, Mixed Cabbage Slaw, Grilled Lemon


We enjoyed this. Thick chunk of crab meat with some sweetness of corn and a buttered brioche bun


Egg Tart $6 (3 pcs) [CNY Treats]

Mandarin Orange Curd Vanilla, Vol-au-vent

Went for some egg tarts as well cos we didn’t manage to have egg tarts for dim sum that day. I must say their version of egg tart was pretty good. Served piping hot with a sweet and tangy orange curd, it was a good change of flavour when you feel like having something sweet


Ang Bao Na Lai

The Botanist Gin, Lychee, Grapefruit, Lemon, Rose

Moving on to the CNY drinks, this wasn’t very memorable but it was one of the not-so-strong on the list


Rolling For Prosperity (Left)

Remy Martin VSOP, Pineapple, Spiced Brown Butter Rum, Lemon, Pineapple Tart

HA HA HA (right)

Mezcal, Lemongrass, Lime, Sour Tamarind, Hae Bee Hiam Tincture, Spicy Paprika Dust

HA HA HA was really sour. In fact, it was so sour that the friend took a long time to finish it


Fanning The Flames 

Bruichladdich The Classic Laddle, Coffee Vermouth, DOM Benedictine, Bak Kwa Bitters, Torched Bak Kwa

This took me by surprise. A small glass but so packed with flavours. This cocktail definitely ranked top on the list in terms of alcohol strength, so much I told the friends lets order more food. LOL


Heart of Gold

Cointreau, Fino Sherry, Dry Vermouth, Spiced Mandarin Soda, Love Letter


Guaranteed Abundance

Fino Sherry, Green Walnut, Liqueur, Lapsang Souchong, Braised Abalone

Definitely our favourite. We thought it will taste really strange but the herbal taste was so smooth and we like how balanced it was with the liqueur. A must-try!


Blooming Gratitude

Cointreau, Pot Roger Champagne, The Botanist Gin, Jasmine, Pear

Our next favourite. And I think primarily cos of the mix of champagne. It was really good

We didn’t want to try The Troublemaker (which was the last drink on the menu) cos nobody really enjoys vodka & melon seeds so we gave that a miss


Kombucha $21

Ceylon Tea, Passion Fruit, Kombucha, Dark Rum & Campari

Instead we had the alcohol version of Kombucha which by the end of it, we concluded we had enough of drinks. lol I thought the alcoholic version of Kombucha was pretty interesting. You can taste the bitters of passion fruit with the sweetness of tea, yet not so much of the alcohol in it. But after a few mouthful, you can feel it. HA


I thought the drinks at Junior Pocket Bar was pretty decent and staffs were really friendly too (and hence we stayed for a long time). Would love to give their new menu a try next time! And if you would like to experience some festive atmosphere this CNY, you can consider giving this place a try before their special menu ends

Junior Pocket Bar

6 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069787

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