Kanshoku Ramen – Truffle Ramen Worth A Return

Kanshoku in Japanese means ‘finish eating every last bit of your food’ and I guess that was the concept how this ramen bar started. Kanshoku has a few outlets in Singapore but this outlet at Nex is their latest addition. With a bright blue exterior, you wouldn’t miss this place but considering the times I’ve visited and it wasn’t crowded during meal times, I found it quite surprising



Signature Truffle Ramen Dry $16.90

Hakata Style Ramen, Shaved Italian Truffle, Truffle Oil, Torched Charshu, Sous Vide Egg


Being known for their truffle ramen, you definitely need to give them a try.  It doesn’t look much but this bowl of ramen was really surprising. Thin ramen noodles blended with truffle oil and a generous portion of shaved truffle, you felt like you were in truffle heaven. Finishing off with a sous vide egg was a good choice with that runny yolk coating the noodles, it felt like a burst of flavours dancing in your mouth


Truffle Broth Ramen $17.90 + Ramen Egg $2

Shaved Italian Truffle, Truffle Pate, Truffle Oil, Charshu, Cabbage


The soup version was equally good. Same same but different, you can taste the richness of the tonkotsu yet with a nice touch of truffle. It was a very comforting bowl of ramen without being too rich


Tonkotsu Ramen $13.90 + Ramen Egg $2

Charshu, Black Fungus, Seaweed, Spring Onion


For non-truffle lovers, you can go with the good ol’ tonkotsu broth which was a star on its own. The sweetness and creaminess of the broth came through with every spoon you take and I like how balanced it was


Ohitashi Xiao Bai Cai $4.90

Wanted some vegetables to go along and hence the order of Xiao bai cai. Lets just say it wasn’t how we expected and I wouldn’t order this again. The vegetables were served cold yet without much seasoning but felt a little overcooked. It tasted strange, really strange


Pork Gyoza $6.50


Ending the meal with some gyoza. I have to say these gyoza were really up to standard. Perfectly crisp on one side, soft on the other side, piping hot on the inside. I was quite impressed

Kanshoku felt a little underrated. There is no lack of truffle ramen in Singapore, but theirs is probably one of the best I’ve had. It’s one of the places I would return if I had some ramen cravings and being located at Nex is probably convenient for those living in the North East area

Kanshoku Ramen

23 Serangoon Central,



Singapore 556083

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