Baristart Coffee Singapore – Cafe at Tras Street Famous for Its Hokkaido Milk

Dropped by Baristart coffee cos we were hungry after our filming and we wanted somewhere nearby to eat. We were lucky we got a table soon without having to wait too long cos we spotted a queue forming outside when we exited. Baristart Coffee is known for its Hokkaido milk and hence the coffee here is a little more expensive than usual



Latte $6.70 (left) Espresso Tonic Float (with Milk soft serve) $9.50 (right)

That being said, I thought coffee was smooth, rounded and fragrant. I really like the Espresso tonic float too. The combination of coffee, tonic water and milk softserve was just too perfect, especially if you need a cold drink to cool down


Tonkatsu Sando $16.80

Breaded Pork Cutlet Sandwich with White Bread, Tonkatsu Sauce, Mustard Butter, Fries, Gharkins

Sando. I love Japanese sando. There is something delicious in these sandwiches. The sandos here are pretty decent. Simple white bread with a nice mustard butter sauce and nicely done tonkatsu sandwiched in between


Tamago Sando $12.80

Japanese Omelette Sandwich with White Bread, Mustard Mayo, Fries, Gherkins

The egg version was not bad either though I wish it can be a little bit runnier


Wafu Pasta $17.80

Japanese-style Soy Sauce Pasta w Spaghetti, Prawns, Bacon, Asparagus, Butter, Seaweed, Chilli


We really enjoyed the wafu pasta. It was fragrant, flavours were balanced with a generous portion of toppings


Seaweed Fries $12.80

Straight Cut Fries served with Seaweed Flakes & Wasabi Mayo

I was really disappointed with the fries. It was overdone and the seaweed taste was really faint


French Toast with Mixed Berries $14.80

Strawberries, Blueberries, Mixed Berries Compote, Cookie Crumble, Sliced Almond, Hokkaido Jersey Milk Soft Serve

Also tried the espresso tonic with coffee soft serve. I think we should just stick with milk


On hindsight, I regretted not ordering the maple and butter one. These berries were a little too sourish for me. It was so sour I separated them and didn’t touch the compote. The French toast itself was nicely done though. Crisp and soft with a nice texture. And I like they served with a side of soft serve


Cream Puff (Custard) $6


You have to give the cream puff a try too. Love the texture of the puff and the smooth custard which was not overly sweet. A takeaway idea for sweet treats!


Kuma Parfait $12.80

Chocolate ice cream, Vanilla icecream, Raspberry, Strawberry, Cookies, Chocolate Milk Pudding, Cream, Chocolate Cake Crumb, Crunch Caramel

Decided to give this insta-worthy parfait a try. Uh, I thought it was really cute and that’s about it. I didn’t really quite like it for I felt it was too much. After awhile, the flavours all tasted the same to me

Overall, I felt the coffee and food is not too bad and it reminded me of Hokkaido. If you need a place to eat and drink after your workout at Tanjong Pagar area, it’s a place that is worth considering

Baristart Coffee

65 Tras Street, Singapore 079004

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