Sō Ramen – For Those Working in the CBD

Sō Ramen at MBLM has actually opened for quite awhile but I finally found a day to visit lately cos the friend fancied their gyoza and wanted to eat them again. Operated by the Breadtalk group, it’s quite amazing how many brands they owned along the stretch of MBLM. We went down really early so we didn’t need to wait. It’s quite a straight-forward ordering process. Place your orders at the machine infront, collect your meal at the counter when they are ready and bring your empty bowl to the back when you are done with your meal



Pork Yakiniku Tonkotsu Set $16.60

The set comes with a choice of sides and drink which the friend picked chicken gyoza and hot yuzu (+$0.30)


The friend went for the pork yakiniku which was stir-fried to give that delectable fragrance in a rich, creamy tonkotsu broth


The gyoza was decent thought it felt more like fried gyoza than pan-fried


Kuruma Ebi Ramen Set $22.10


I had the special ebi ramen which reminded me of local prawn noodles. The broth had a rich prawn flavour to it which I really felt as if I was eating prawn noodles, Japanese style


In all, I thought the ramen was not too bad. Broth was good, noodles were cooked right, the huge prawns were sweet and succulent and they had the body de-shelled for easier eating


I chose tori karaage as my side which tasted like.. fried chicken to me. I thought the hot yuzu was good and it’s refillable with hot water


We also get a free dessert (Takeaway only) after our meal which I thought was pretty nice

I thought Sō Ramen was pretty decent and they had an extensive menu. Though I felt the cooking can take quite abit of time. Nevertheless, for those working in the area, you can drop by for some ramen cravings or if you ran out of ideas to eat

Sō Ramen

8A Marina Blvd, #B2-04

Marina Bay Link Mall

Singapore 018984

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