Laut – Serving Seafood Inspired by South East Asia at Stanley Street

Saw someone posted this on IG so decided to drop by for dinner one day. The location at Stanley Street wasn’t hard to get to but more so locating the restaurant. I was pacing up and down trying to figure out where’e the entrance and then I decided to do the smart thing of scanning the QR code to see if I’m at the right place (Thank goodness for QR code these days). Laut only started welcoming diners in Phase 2 for they actually opened and were stuck during the lock-down period so this place is still pretty new. The menu is pretty straightforward. Might not look much at first but I say the portion is pretty substantial (cos we overheard the next table decided to just order drinks cos they thought the food here will not make them full)



June Plum $21

Gin, Pandan,  Kedongdong Plums, Kaffir Lime, Hawthorn Sorbet


Grass $21

Gin, Ginger Flower, Pickle Brine, 3-Grass Kombucha, Rice Foam


Dragonfruit Mocktail

The original Dragonfruit cocktail consists of Strait Vodka, Sour Plum, Smoked Longan, Dragonfruit Soda, Lychee Granita

Starting with drinks, which we heard it was supposed to be impressive, but I felt less than impressed. It wasn’t the kind where one sip and you will go wow, this is good. It’s more like hmm, okay, moving on.. But I have to say the dragonfruit mocktail was pretty nice, more than the cocktails themselves :/


Oyster Eggs $11

Poached Local Oysters, Steamed Egg Custard

I thought this was quite an innovative dish, a deconstructed version of the local orh luak, pretty decent I would say


Otah $15

Local Fish & Shrimp Otah, Nonya Achar, Toasted White Bread, Asian Slaw

Ooh, love the otah here. Made in-house, what you get is a thick slab which is also really flavourful on a toasted white bread


Crab Toast $18

Flower Crab, Yogurt, Cilantro Oil, Soy Cured Quail Eggs

Inspired from Vietnamese banh mi, we simply love this dish. Looks so underwhelming but tastes so extraordinary. It’s quite a light dish to start and good to share as well


Squid Gado $25

Seared Whole Squid, Gado Gado, Peanut Sauce, Fish Crackers


A dish so familiar to us, Laut’s take on traditional gado gado is their own version of seared squid in a creamy, full of peanut sauce. This is a should-try too!


Prawn Raja $29

King Prawns, Simmered Rice, Century Eggs, Petai, Asian Herbs

I was a little on the fence for this but my friends do enjoy the simmered rice. Inspired from Thunder Tea rice, you get a nicely cooked rice using Petai beans to get that savoury flavour


Laut Curry $33

Fish of The Day, Local Shellfish, Seasonal Greens, Coconut Rendang Curry

This was probably the most disappointing dish of the night. We love the curry but not the fish. It had a strong overwhelming fishy taste which we feedback and they told us they source this from Ah Hua Kelong and then, there was just a moment of silence. Hopefully, it’s just a one-off incident!


Tart Limau $11

Calamansi Curd, Palm Sugar, Sour Plum

This was the most unexpected dessert we had. We were so surprised by how sour the calamansi curd was it was just like eyes blinking non-stop. Anyway if you were looking for something to aid in digestion, this would be a good option!


Laut Pisang $11

Fried Tapioca, Banana

Love this, must order. It’s like goreng pisang but in delicate portions


Ice Cream $11

Black Glutinous Rice, Red Beans, Coconut Cream

And this as well, inspired from pulut hitam. Very very good

The desserts were so good I went back another day to have them again

I actually enjoyed the food at Laut very much. I find that they have a good balance of using dishes we already know and elevate them into something different. Locating in the CBD area, it’s one to consider if you are looking for dinner options


Just look out for this closed door with a very discreet signage


17 Stanley Street

Singapore 068736

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