Kisho – Omakase At Its Finest

Located at a colonial house at Scotts road, Kisho is well known among foodies for being one of the best Japanese omakase restaurants in Singapore and has been made even more popular post CB due to its instagram- worthy bentos and maki. And also I heard reservation is so tough these days (I think they are not the only one. Some places are full 2-3 months ahead!) 

We went on a weekday night where we were served by Chef Hamamoto, who has worked in numerous kaiseiki restaurants in Kyoto. The price tag is not cheap. They only have 2 menu for dinner – Aoi ($300) and Kai ($450) and of course, we went for the cheaper one. Haha


Awabi | Junsai | Hasuimo | Moro Kyrui | Ikura


Slow-cooked Abalone | Water Shield | Green Taro Stem | Cucumber | Salmon Roe

Our first dish was very fancy already. You pour the water shield down to the abalone below and slowly savour it. I love the tenderness of the abalone and the subtle sweetness of the broth. The dish feels very spring-like and light to start for your course


Chef’s Signature Murasaki Uni (Hokodate) | Oscietra Caviar | Tomorokoshi


Purple Shell Sea Urchin | Oscietra Caviar | Sweet White Corn

Kisho’s specialty uni dish which you probably see this often in photos. It is.. everything expensive in one shell. But the flavour profile tastes exactly how it looks. Someone said Kisho has the best uni you can find. Well, I think they really do. Particularly enjoyed the sweet corn crisp that was unexpected in its own ways. This dish was so good I think I can have another portion


Boton Ebi | Tako

Snapseed 2

Amadai Matsukasa | Kamonasu (Kyoto) | Togan | Kabocha (Seasonal Dish)


Crispy Tile Fish | Eggplant | Winter Melon | Pumpkin Puree

Wah, this fish, was probably the best I’ve eaten. I was so impressed with the way the fish was being done, together with the winter melon broth and the subtle sweetness of the pumpkin purée. It was amazing 




Hida Wagyu

Snapseed 3

Hida Wagyu Beef Grade A5 | Sea Urchin | Egg Yolk | Manjimup Winter Black Truffle

To be honest, I wasn’t that impressed with the wagyu. But the truffle was good. From the start where the chef presented, shaved and ended it off on the beef, the smell lingered on and it elevated the whole dish all together 





Moving on to sushi. Hmm, the first 2 pieces of sushi was a little debatable. I find something lacking in the sushi rice. Not sure if it’s the use of the white vinegar or the texture of the rice, it was hmm not there. But I have to mention the freshness of the fish was outstanding. I find that you can really taste the umami of the the fish itself. And then towards the last few pieces, the sushi tasted better strangely as the rice was switched to the use of red vinegar (or perhaps I had drank too much. Lol)









In anycase, I fell in love with the nodoguro. It was savoury, sweet and full of umami. Look at the glistening skin!


Psychologically I always find that aburi sushi tastes better when the chef torched the fish the traditional way using charcoal to give that fattiness and slightly burnt taste. Ha. And it’s also fun to watch them perform


Aburi Otoro

See what I meant? Look at the colour!


Okay this one needs no introduction



That creaminess that melts in your mouth


A special maki – Toro Taku with Uni, Negi Toro, Homemade Marinated Egg Yolk topped with Caviar & Gold Flakes

Something extra for us! Cos the friend is such a regular there. Ha. Well, this piece is an explosion of flavours. From the sweetness of the toro, creaminess of the uni, the slight saltiness of the yolk to the burst of the ikura. And yah super instagram worthy too

img 02

Amazing custard-like tamago



Kyoho | Kaki Gori

Grape | Shaved Ice

I really enjoyed this, much more than the soufflé. The sweetness made me feel like I was eating real grapes




Sake Souffle Icecream

And this concludes our meal

I find that dining at Kisho is not just about eating. It’s also appreciating the ingredients and the techniques put together by the chef, only well, it comes at a price. But for the quality that Kisho has to offer, that’s your next best bet since we aren’t flying to Japan anytime soon


29 Scotts Road, Singapore 228224

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