Thevar – Serving Modern Indian Grill at Keong Saik Road

Keong Saik has no lack of food, so much that sometimes you will be spoilt for choices. Visited Thevar this time and I secretly think the friend is more excited than me to try this place. You will be surprised, the place is packed. So reservations are recommended. They do serve ala carte and an omakase menu which you get to try every thing that Chef Thevar has to offer. Don’t expect traditional recipes, you will be surprised to see what exciting combination that modern Indian cuisine can be like


It’s only empty cos we were early


Irish Oyster Mango Chilli Lassi

I really like these. The oysters topped with a sweet tangy and not overly spicy broth. It was a burst of flavours. Definitely a must-order

Snapseed 4

Coriander & Tellichery Pepper Cured Hamachi Coconut Sothi

I was a little on the fence for this. I enjoyed the coconut sothi, but the hamachi, well, didn’t impress as much


Chettinad Chicken Roti

Ooh, another of our favourites. Love the spicy chicken with the grilled roti. This is like comfort food. Can I have another piece please?


Beetroot Chaat

Finding inspiration from traditional savoury snacks, the use of beetroot added sweetness into these aromatic spices and tangy sauces. Though I have to say, I’m not exactly a fan of beetroot so perhaps I will give this a miss next time

Snapseed 6

Crispy Pork, Sambal Aioli

Snapseed 2

Another crowd’s favourite, these pork was slow-cooked for 3 hours and then deep fried with sambar spices. The result? A crunchy pork with a deep smokiness filling your palate


Chaas Masala Puri

If you enjoy yogurt, you will definitely enjoy these deep fried puffs. With a crisp outer texture and Thevar’s take on Chaas, this is the modern version of a traditional staple


Tapioca & Lentil Croquette

Unfortunately we were both not a fan of these. We enjoyed the way the croquette is done but I felt like the tapioca was too much

Snapseed 5

Grilled Snapper, Masala Puy Letil & Spiced Curd

Snapseed 3

Medjool Dates & Tamarind, Iberico Pork Chop, Mango Mustard

Finishing our mains with 2 different proteins, the friend preferred the pork more than the fish. I was too full by then to have any thoughts. HA


Mango Sorbet, Frozen Coconut, Passion Fruit

Definitely a good choice to finish our meal with. A refreshing, acidic combination to cleanse your palate and digest whatever was consumed in the past hour or so


Ending the meal with a little extra

Will I return? Actually, yes. I like how the team experiments with different concept and ingredients to produce something fun yet you can still find traces of traditional elements. But I definitely go ala-carte next time. The omakase menu was a little too much to handle


9 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089117

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