Naked Finn – Seafood So Good and Fresh

The Naked Finn has been around for the longest time ever which is something to be proud of, since the lifespan of F&B businesses do get rather unpredictable. So I found time to visit lately for I am a fan of seafood. I definitely prefer fish and shellfish more than meat. The place at Gilman Barracks isn’t the most convenient to get to but its quiet location makes it attractive and one to visit if you want somewhere not too crowded in this current situation. They also accept reservations online now, double yay


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Their signature condiments to go along your choice of food, though I’m rather sad their sambal chilli is not for sale. Psst, their sambal chilli is really very shiok!


Japanese Abalone $7/10g

Braised in Abalone Dashi for 6 hours & Topped with Gonad Emulsion

Items on their menu are seasonal as they source their latest catch from what’s available. Their seafood comes from all over the world. So try these Japanese abalone if you can! These are really delicious. You can taste the salty and flavourful abalone dashi and the sweetness of the abalone meat


Farmed Giant Tiger Prawn (10 pcs) $36

Grilled on Sea Salt over Cast Iron Griddle


Wild Caught Gamba Carabinero $35/100g

Grilled on Cast Iron Griddle

I was really impressed with these Spanish prawns. Softer, sweeter and yet equally succulent meat, these was a delight! Keep the prawn heads to go with the bee hoon. Perfect combination!


Locally Farmed Barramundi fillet from Kuhibarra (300g) $35

Pan Fried in Grape Seed Oil finished with Sea Salt & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fish with a crispy skin is an absolute yes. No doubt, these fillet was fresh and goes very well with the sambal chilli


I was too engrossed in digging in to note the exact description of this. Oops, this was a special item that was not available on their menu. A deep fish (100g) from Hokkaido, cooked Roast Pork Belly (siew yoke) style. This was sooooo good. You can hear the crack of the skin when the knife slices through it. Ooh, give this a try if they have it!


Piquant Rice Vermicelli “Bee Hoon’ (chilled) $8

Blanched, Tossed in Special Sauces & Topped with Sakura Ebi

Not much carbs option on their menu here since seafood is the highlight. But this chilled bee hoon is light enough to make your meal more filling if you want some carbs on the table


I really like Naked Finn, Its fresh seafood and different style of cooking to produce the best seafood you can ever taste. It’s definitely worth visiting if you are looking for something different

Naked Finn

39 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks

Singapore 109442

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  1. Robbin says:

    It’s really amazing and delicious. Thanks for sharing!


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