Oshino – Edomae Omakase at Raffles Arcade by Chef Koichiro Oshino

Since the next time to Japan is gonna be I don’t know when, I decided that at times you can also treat yourself to good sushi in Singapore. Chef Koichiro Oshino has finally opened his own sushi-ya after leaving Shinji Kanesaka. The new sushi-ya is located at Raffles Arcade and if you are coming from Raffles City, it’s just across the traffic light beside the entrance to Raffles Courtyard



I was early but the place was full. And probably all supporters of Chef Oshino. It was an afternoon of laughter, good food and drinks (with everyone sharing drinks with each other even though they might not necessarily know the person beside them). Chef Oshino also seemed more relaxed and jovial as compared to his more serious self at Shinji, which is a good change. I love it when chefs are not that serious and try to engage in conversations with you even though English to them is as challenging as Japanese to us

The menu is straightforward. There are only 2 options for lunch and also only 2 options for dinner. I went for the omakase lunch ($300) which consisted of appetiser, sashimi, cooked food, nigiri sushi, soup and dessert. Lets just say it was a very filling meal, and of course not cheap at all


Glassfish w Ginger & Soya Sauce

I thought this was interesting. I have never tried this before


Shima Aji

When I had the first piece of sushi, hmm, this was still as good as I remembered. And the rest of the meal, needless to say, got better as it goes


Marinated Flounder with Yuzu Soya




Hokkaido Sea Urchin – Short Spike and Long Spike

And then came the explanation on uni. The chef and I both preferred the long spike uni cos it tasted much creamier. So satisfying. Ooh


Chutoro Sashimi

And this as well, with a melt-in-the-mouth kind texture you won’t believe it




Ika with Sea Salt & Japanese Yuzu Soya Sauce


Grilled Tuna Cheek


Sayori with Shiso Flower, Shiso Leaf & Black Pepper


Chutoro from New Zealand

He was actually very proud to source this from NZ because the quality of this Chutoro was really outstanding


Shimo Furi

And the shimo furi, which is the part between chutoro and otoro was something I haven’t had before as well. So good I can have another piece



Honestly when I was first started eating sushi, I thought Aji was a little strange. But I really began to enjoy more each time and now Aji has become one of my favourite sushi piece. Really love good Aji


Japanese Snow Crab w Japanese Turnip


Marinated Tuna w Bonito Stock

This piece can be an art itself. Ha




Cherry Trout

They call this the salmon look-alike. A fatty piece that melts in your mouth


Kamasu + Steam Octopus


Oshino Special Ebi Don

Chef Oshino was really excited when he presented this ebi don to me. He said ‘Only at Oshino’ lol. But someone told me he wasn’t very impressed with his don. Ahem



I’m always very sad when they serve maki. Cos I know the meal was about to end. Boohoo




Cake-like texture tamago


And well, of cos a special celebration with the whole sushi-ya singing for me. omg so embarrassing. haha

I think appreciation in sushi is an art itself. Some people really enjoy it while others can’t really taste the difference. The shari itself is important cos it is the foundation to good sushi and then comes the temperature, vinegar, the taste and texture. And of course the freshness of fish and skills of the chef. To me, I like what I had at Oshino but perhaps the next time I go I will just have the sushi lunch instead cos omakase is too much for me


Also, did I mention that making reservations is so challenging now? I took a look at their reservation calendar and I can’t seem to find a seat for weekend lunch. Wow


328 North Bridge Road, #01-11

Singapore 188719


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