Olivia Restaurant & Lounge – Spanish Restaurant at Keong Saik Road

Hello everyone, I’m back. It has been difficult to get back into momentum post CB haha but okay here I am digging through my archives and hopefully trying to clear them one by one right now. There hasn’t been much exciting places to explore either given the current situation now so well, you didn’t miss much. Anyway was supposed to be in Spain this year but the plan is now on hold indefinitely so since we aren’t able to eat tapas in Barcelona, we shall make do with a similar setting in Singapore



Complimentary olives which nobody is a fan of. lol but we decided to give it a try in the end. Lets just say we wouldn’t ask for a second portion


Iberico Ham, Cheese & Truffle “Bikini” $16

Ooh I really love this dish. So simple but so delightful. The cheese, ham and truffle was soo good!


Mushroom & Truffle Croquettes (2pcs) $14

The friends really love this as well. We thought the taste of the mushroom was really strong and fragrant with a slight truffle taste

Snapseed 3

Octopus, Crispy Pork Belly & Potato Foam $38

We thoroughly enjoyed this dish. The octopus was soft without being too chewy, the pork belly had a sweet caramelising taste to it and the potato foam was so smooth and creamy

Snapseed 2

Monkfish & Mediterranean Red Prawns “Ibiza Style” Stew $52

FullSizeRender 3

I have a thing for seafood stew for I think stews are very comforting to have. Olivia’s version is one that is packed with flavours, so rich and thick that if you are not a seafood person, perhaps you better give this a miss

Snapseed 3

Wagyu Striploin with Truffle Sauce & Confit “Piquillo” Peppers $72

I think the beef was good but perhaps a little too fatty for my liking

img 05

I thought the combination with the peppers was innovative. The peppers were not spicy but more sweet and savoury. Never knew beef and peppers can go well together


Olivia’s Creamy Homemade Cheesecake $14

They were pretty much famous for this, so much I don’t really understand what the hype to me was all about. It honestly just tasted like cheesecake to me. And with the stay-at-home / work-from-home everyone is doing now, perhaps you can recreate one at home as well

Generally I thought the food here is pretty decent and I like the overall homey and chill vibes the restaurant portrays. Since it doesn’t look like my Spain trip can materialise anytime soon, perhaps I can come back here again

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge

55 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089158

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