Mad About Sucre – Autumn Collection 2018

Launching a new collection of cakes at Mad About Sucre, inspired by the scents, sights and sound of Autumn walkabout in the French woods, we finally make it down to patisserie one evening. A little late I know since it’s probably transiting to Winter collection soon. Still, better late than never! We had actually wanted to try all the cakes but as the flavours are largely on the heavier side, we were strongly (and repeatedly) recommended to try a few of them instead.


Poire (Pear) $21.80

French Autumn Pear, Honey, Almond

Paired with Japanese Yuzu and Green Tea


First up on the lightest flavour of the collection, the French Pear. Every component of this piece is derived from the pear itself. The centre being the pear mousse, mixed with pear bits and honey cream. The aesthetic of this is quite interesting as well, with the colour derived naturally where they peel off the pear skin, dehydrate, grind before spraying it. And of course the last component of this being the stem, made with chocolate

We really like this cake for its natural sweetness of the pear and its ice-cream like texture. Very light and refreshing, though it can be a little too cold for the teeth

Snapseed 5

Les Galets (The Pebbles) $23.80

Baba, Brandy, Lime, Mint, Vanilla

Paired with Blood Orange Tea, infused with Lavender and Lemongrass

A twist on the traditional baba cake, using brandy instead of rum. What you usually have using yeast as the base, this was constructed using a mix of bread and cake soaked in brandy. The next layer comes in form of chocolate with addition of lime and mint and topped with Madagascar cream. You have to eat all the components together. Having them separately was a little strange. But strangely the flavours and texture actually come together as a whole, together with the sauce of brandy. I like that that base of this cake wasn’t too strong and chocolate and cream helps to alleviate the flavour all together

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La Fille (The girl, The daughter, The lady) $22.80

Espresso, Plantain, Organic Pistachios

Paired with French Rose with Lavender Tea

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Probably my next favourite of this collection. Highlight of this cake was the Espresso mousse, being light but aromatic, mixed with caramelized banana for its natural sweetness. The addition of pistachio cream and pistachio shortbread was a delight to have as you can taste the fragrance of the pistachio nuttiness. Topped with Espresso coffee and balanced with banana suace, it is one cake where you enjoy the swing of the flavour with every bite

Snapseed 3

Chataigne (Chestnut) $24.80

French Chestnut, Rum, Pecans, Blood Orange

Paired with Mangosteen Tea with Camomile, Honeycomb and Vanilla

Snapseed 4

Always a must-have in every Autumn, chestnut seems one you will find in every menu. And with Mad About Sucre, they try a different variation of chestnut every Autumn collection. Using French chestnut where they roast, peel before making it into a mousse, then mixed with pecans and rum to give it some texture and aroma. We like the smooth creamy texture of the chestnut and the pecan praline, balanced with a blood orange sauce so you don’t feel too overwhelmed and the shape of the cake that looks like a pecan when you view it from the top! Such details!

Well, last on the list is a dark chocolate based cake filled with mango mousse, topped with Nepali earl grey ganache. I did try the cake (cos I had ordered the full cake) just that I didn’t take a photo of it. So for those chocolate lovers in you, it is one cake that is really chocolatey and rich in flavour and if it something that you think you will like, you should give this a try as well

As what they have mentioned, this collection definitely falls on the heavier palate though as a whole, it is still an enjoyable experience. And as I have now tried their Autumn collection, I am looking forward to my Autumn holidays as well!

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Rd, S(088334)

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