Mister Wu – Affordable Dry La Mian and Rice Bowls at Nankin Street

Taking over Jimoto Ya (which I’m really sad it’s gone), Mister Wu retained some of its former interior and furnishing without doing too much changes to it. The concept behind this place focuses primarily on tea, or rather trying to get more people acquainted with tea in various form. Serving a different menu for lunch and dinner, we were there for lunch which we were introduced to their lunch set which was easy to follow. You pick either noodle or rice, choose a side and a tea for an additional top up of $4. The noodles / rice bowls are priced differently at $8 or $11 so it depends on what you pick, the set will be priced differently as well

Snapseed 6


Mister Wu serve their own special blend of tea. I had the Black Lychee which I felt was a little too bland and I thought the tea would probably tasted better if it is a little warmer


Fried Ping Pong Wanton


Jellyfish Salad


Stripper Salad

Honestly, the sides tasted rather normal. The jellyfish was a little too chewy so it might take some time to finally finish chewing to the last bit. We like the stripper salad for its appetising flavour


Mr Su’s Braised Pork Dry La Mian $8


The braised pork had a melt in the mouth kind of texture and we like the beautiful braised flavour of it

Snapseed 7

Truffle Mushroom Dry La Mian $8

A somewhat simple dish, the whole dish comes together in a bowl. We love the simplicity of the truffle mushrooms and the chewy texture of the noodles. The noodles were cooked just right and delicious with every bite


Crispy Hakka Pork Chop Dry La Mian $11

Last but not least, we had the pork chop cos we were enticed by the table next to us. Deep fried to a golden brown texture, the meat was not dry in anyway but was addictive to taste. Definitely a good choice to order if you are spoilt for choices

I thought they serve some decent dry La Mian here and would love to try their rice bowls or dinner menu. We also had an extra portion of tea eggs though we were left slightly disappointed. But I thought generally, this place is still worth a return

Mister Wu

3 Pickering Street, Nankin Street

#01-44/45, S(048660)

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