Travelogue: Japan – Tsukiji Market, Asakusa, Jumbo Yakiniku, Bills Omotesando

My last part of the Japan travelogue, which was also my last 2 days in Tokyo. We didn’t have many days in Tokyo cos the friends thought there’s nothing much to do there, but the itinerary turned out to be pretty packed for some strange reasons. On the contrary, I do believe Tokyo has many things to do at leisure and neighbourhood to explore, so take some time to venture!

Anyway back to point, we visited Tsukiji market in the morning. Well, to be precise, we went to the outer market since the inner market was already gone. Businesses are still bustling and hordes of tourists can still be seen. So I suggest not to go too late, else you have to squeeze with the crowd. We were starved, so we began our breakfast feast with Tamago! There were many stalls selling this rolled omelette and honestly we didn’t have a specific stall in mind, so we bought from this place that was located at the corner. They served Tamago hot and cold and well, we got the hot one to try



Looking at how it was being done



It was… delicious. Sweet and fluffy, I could have another stick of this. Even though my friend asked.. you mean it’s nicer than those (high-end) sushi places?? Right.. Cannot compare okay, the Tamago served at those sushi places are a different league on its own :/

We walked around, saw many things that caught our eyes and were having a battle between trying everything or saving stomach spaces. So we had oysters, scallops, wagyu steaks, unagi and aburi salmon. Eventually, we also gave in to strawberry mochi. So much for saving stomach spaces






Happy ME!







Honestly, I thought they tasted just alright



We tried the green tea flavour which was soft and chewy. And so the friends got a pack to bring back home

And cos we needed caffeine, we found ourselves at Yonemoto Coffee which serves really decent coffee. For those who happen to be at Tsukiji market, you can come here for a quick coffee break! And so after we were done with a perk-me-up, we continued with grilled crab legs and nearly gave in to a bowl of ramen as well. But we decided that chirashi don sounds more like a plan, so chirashi don it is!



Matcha Kuromitsu Macchiato ¥450 Cafe Latte ¥360



The friend claimed this is an expensive plate of crab legs, but hey, at least they tasted really sweet


And so moving on..


Salmon Don ¥1,380


Bluefin Tuna and Sea Urchin ¥3,660

I felt like we had breakfast, lunch and dinner in that one morning. Full is an understatement

We make a quick stop at Shimokitazawa cos the friend wanted to see how it is like before making our way to Asakusa for our kimono rental at Koto. We had reserved online so it was slightly cheaper to get the all inclusive kimono set at ¥3,000 which we had fun choosing our kimono, obi, hairstyle and all. Do note it takes one hour for them to dress you up, so make sure you have ample time



At Kimono Koto choosing our kimono



And then we made our way towards Asakusa Shrine with lots of photo-taking in between. It’s probably a common sight to see tourists donning kimono along the way and so after we were thoroughly done with all the photos we wanted, we took a cab down to Jumbo Yakiniku Shirokane for dinner!





Really like this shot!


Such a beautiful sky


Jumbo Yakiniku! We are here!! Reservations are highly recommended to be made one month in advance. Thankfully our hotel was kind enough to help us with the reservation and practically all their outlets were already full. So we made do with the 5.30pm slot and we were glad we reached there on the dot! The restaurant was packed – kid you not, and everyone was already eating. So we made ourselves comfortable and started ordering as well



We started with one sake and ended up with so much drinks the waiters were in shock. lol. They even told us to take care when we left. Not sure who is more amused here

You can ask for recommendations if you feel lost here. But I think here’s what worth ordering: Chateaubriand – even though it’s freaking expensive; Noharayaki – each of us had 2 portions of this; Beef Tongue – soo good, if your companion don’t eat them, it’s their loss. Take theirs over; Kalbi – probably one of their cheapest but really decent cut of beef. I didn’t like the diced cut and if you are still hungry, go for the scorched rice instead of the sushi


Chateaubriand ¥7,800


Noharayaki ¥2,100 / slice




Japanese Wagyu Toro Sushi ¥880 / pc


Superior Cut of Beef Tongue ¥2,800 (limited to only one portion per table)


Japanese Wagyu Tartare/Egg Yolk ¥1,780



Kalbi ¥1,400 Diced Steak ¥2,200


Scorched Rice with Japanese Wagyu ¥1,680


We ordered like we haven’t eaten the entire day. On a separate note, I’m glad we came here

Jumbo Yakiniku Shirokane

Japan, 〒108-0072 Tokyo, Minato, Shirokane, 3 Chome−1−1 第一麻布ビル 1F

And because we were so full, we decided to walk it off by making it for the last ring of the Ghibli Clock at 8pm. Actually it started ringing at 7.58pm. The clock was designed by Hayao Miyazaki and is an impressive architecture itself. But I personally think that you can’t see much of the mechanics at night even though it does somehow, perhaps, maybe look a little magical. Anyway, we decided to go back and rest after that but not before surprising the girls with a birthday cake!!





Winnie the Pooh cake with Pooh!


Getting this cake wasn’t easy at all. HA

Last morning in Tokyo. The plan was to have pancakes and then ramen for lunch. As usual, we over ate and so the lunch didn’t happen. Brunch was at Bills Omotesando which is probably one of the earlier places that opens at 8.30am. The furnishing of the place was quite pretty with even a bookshelf area in one corner. It felt like you can have lots of ootd shots here




Happy with my coffee fix!


Ricotta Hotcakes, Fresh Banana and Honeycomb Butter ¥1,500


French Toast, Seasonal Fruits, Pistachios and Greek Yoghurt ¥1,500


Free-range Scrambled Eggs & Toasts ¥1,450


Soft Shell Crab, Chorizo, Kimchi Fried Rice & Poached Egg ¥1,800

I’m surprised they serve fried rice at 8.30am, and even more surprised when my friend ordered and finished the entire plate. Seriously, fried rice?! Anyway, being famous for their hotcakes here, I thought it tasted pretty decent but too much of it gets a little overwhelming after awhile. So sharing is recommended. The scrambled eggs are worth ordering too. Skip the french toasts though

Bills Omotesando 

Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae, 4 Chome−30−3 東急プラザ 表参道原宿 7F

Last agenda of the day was to get cheesecake from Cheese Garden. So we make our way to Tokyo Sky Tree which the friends pop by Pokemon Centre as well. We ended up loitering quite awhile there. But if you just want to get the cheesecake, they have another outlet at Shibuya so you don’t have to go all the way there


Apparently, this cheesecake is really good

We made our way to the airport, shopped for more Japanese snacks (think we can open a mama shop back in Singapore with the amount we bought) and had one last meal at Komeraku for some ochazuke. I have to say the ochazuke tasted really delicious. Well if you have no idea what to eat, you can give this a try



Yakitori ¥1,380


Such light broth and flavourful yakitori

And saying one last goodbye to Tokyo


On a side note, we concluded we prefer SQ to ANA but if it is cheaper to fly by ANA, we would choose the latter. A little random I know


Goodbye Japan, you have been fun but really tiring and thanks for staying by to read!

Hoping my next trip is less tiring than this. I felt like I had an amazing race in Japan this time round and on a side note, I’m flying back to Japan in 3 days!!

And if you are interested to read up on previous posts, here they are:

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