Travelogue: Japan – Kawazu, Jogasaki Coast & Disneysea

Not sure if I should count this day trip to Izu Pennisula an eventful one since there were highs and lows. It was an very early day to kick start. We woke up at 4am to prepare for a 3-hour journey to Kawazu and hoped that the weather would not turn out as bad as forecasted, cos it was forecasted to rain the entire day. And we wanted to see the waterfall at the very least. We got an additional Shinkansen tickets (~$45) from Shinagawa to Atami since it wasn’t covered by Tokyo Wide Pass before we finally reached Kawazu station at 8.45am! Gosh, that’s really early


Breakfast for a long day ahead!


Shinkansen Kodama!


Hello (sad and empty) Kawazu Station!

It’s quite a desolated place, but probably it wasn’t during cherry blossoms or autumn period. There’s a place where you can purchase a round trip bus tickets to see the Kawazu waterfall and the lady kindly explained in detailed to us. So since we had time before the bus departs, we went to the 7-11 nearby. It’s an half hour journey to the last stop which you alight to get to the waterfall. We were so early the visitor information centre wasn’t even opened. Lol

Where you get your bus tickets


The stop you need to take from to get to the waterfalls


Map provided by the lady

Pit Stop!



Bus timings to get back to station

Anyways, the route to the 7 waterfall is quite easy to navigate, but it can be quite dangerous if it rains cos of the terrain. So I don’t suggest to go there if there is a heavy downpour


First one in sight

You go one way up, and you come the same way down. Yah cannot get lost one unless you decide to deviate from the course what don’t know what reasons. We made it to all 6 waterfall in 1 hour 20 mins (1 hour up 20 mins down) with phototaking cos we were so worried it will rain anytime. But we were really thankful the weather held up for us. So we caught the 11.05am bus back to the station and then it started raining. 




Wishing stones!


Yep, you throw 3 stones into the pile some distance away and if the stone goes in, you make a wish. But if your wish comes through, you have to come back here and return your prayers


I decided to give it a try. Sad to say I won’t be coming back anytime soon. LOL

After I finished all tries, we realised there was a rock with a shorter distance away!! Oh wells, not meant to be. I mean I could give it another go but I was lazy. ha


The Dancer statue and the waterfall in the backdrop!


This Izu Dancer statue is actually quite famous



The suspension bridge before the last waterfall, and of course a group photo together


Ta-da! We made it! And we felt raindrops!

I have to say Kawazu Nana Daru is quite worth a visit. So if you have time, do consider if the weather is good!

We wanted to lunch at Takumitei Ichiyama but they were closed (even though they were not supposed to be closed that day). So we thought of lunching at another seafood restaurant but ended up Ichigou canteen cos we walked in to the wrong place 😡 Anyway the place serves Chinese-style ramen and gyoza which was honestly salty and hmm disappointing. By the time we were done with lunch, the rain got heavier and I wondered if we should continue to Jogasaki Coast given the weather conditions. But.. we did


Cha Siu Ramen ¥800


Spring Rolls ¥700

It was bad.


Oh dark clouds and heavy rain

IMG 07

Just to show you how bad visibility was

And so you have 4 sad figures walking in the heavy rain, half drenched, battling the umbrella with the wind. You probably be thinking why did we still proceed with our plan. Trust me, I asked myself the same question many times. Honestly I wouldn’t say the trip to the coast was worth it, cos I fell sick afterwards. Lol the opportunity cost was not worth it. SIGHS

Jogasaki Coast


It would probably be a better sight if it wasn’t raining


Well, there was nobody for obvious reasons

Then we decided to cab back to the station which costs about ¥1200 and were met with a delay in the connecting train. Oh sighs. We did eventually made it back to Tokyo. So the friends wanted to have Tonkatsu for dinner but given we were delayed, both the Tonkatsu places we wanted to go to were full so we settled at a random Tonkatsu fast-food chain which was visited by lots of locals. And at that point of time, we just wanted food cos we were cold and hungry.


The joy when the train finally arrived, but sadness onboard cos we were freezing


Fried Pork Cutlet on Miso ¥1,080 (300g)

We walked past a random matcha-ya place and decided to treat ourselves some sweets though I don’t think they were fantastic either. Well, they definitely look better in photos though.


Matcha Tiramisu ¥780


Matcha Parfait ¥980


Houjicha Sweet Red Bean Soup ¥780

So anyways, that’s the end of our trip to Izu Peninsula. It’s a nice place though, quaint and undisturbed but would probably make a better day trip if you have good weather!

Disney day! Always excited to make a trip to Disneyland for it is the happiest place on Earth! Decided to visit Disneysea this time round cos we never been to Sea before. It was another early morning cos we wanted to be there early before the park opens. Yah, we actually took advice to reach the park 1.5 hours before it opened but despite that, there was already a crowd! #amazinglocals

Feeling the excitement


Oh gosh, the crowd at 7am!

And since there are some rides which required fastpass, the friends and I strategized to split up once we entered the park. Well, we were really amused how the locals are so enthusiastic about Disney they ran once they got through the gates. And the funniest thing was the staffs were holding signs that say ‘Please walk, do not run’ and kept repeating the same phrase all over. It’s probably the only time people don’t listen to instructions. And if you were guessing if we ran, yes we did. I mean.. join the locals right! My friend was so amused she had a culture shock and told us, you know they don’t do this at other parks in the rest of the world right?? People just stroll! lol

So first ride of the day was Toy Story Mania which was pretty nice though the arms were so tired after that. Then we used our Fastpass for Journey to The Centre of the Earth which was well, okay. Moved on for an early lunch before we caught The Villains World at The Mediterranean Harbour which was a Halloween special!



So bright and cheery at Toy Story Mania


Dark and cold day at Disney


Strolling around the harbour cos we had time before our next ride



We had wanted to dine at Ristorante di Caneletto but ended up at Cafe Portofino cos we couldn’t get the priority seatings. Anyway, I didn’t have much appetite cos I was feeling quite unwell. But the pasta tasted quite decent to me



Pasta Podomoro with Seafood


Mickey and Minnie!


And the rest of the favourites!


After the show, the friends decided to send me to the clinic cos I was so pale I looked like I was about to faint. So yes, Disneysea does have a clinic and it is called First Aid. The staffs were standing outside, waving flags and welcoming us inside which I was quite amused. And if you are worried there will be a language barrier, oh don’t worry. They have a translator on the line which literally translates every single word. So after awhile (cos translation took a long while), I got my meds and the fever was down in 30 minutes. The Aspirin really worked wonders



It was empty when I entered and full when I exited. People come here for all sorts of reason – whether you knocked into something or you need plaster for blisters. Nope, I’m not joking :/



Even though they have a guide in English, the translator still translates every single thing to the pharmacist and vice versa


Got myself a hot drink and hey, 35 years of celebrations!

Then since I was feeling better, we went shopping, utilised our next Fastpass for Tower of Terror, got on Nemo & Friends Seafinder, went on Single Rider for Indiana Jones and Raging Rapids, before it started raining and we started hiding at Caravan Carousel. And after which we decided it was too gloomy so we went to Mermaid Lagoon to hide from the rain but I guessed everyone had the same idea as us


Tower of Terror


And a group picture together


We saw Thumper and Miss Bunny but we decided that Miss Bunny was cuter so..


A picture with Miss Bunny instead!

Dinner was at Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen which was hmm, okay. I think it was more to fill the stomach and get something warm to drink than finding a fantastic meal even though the Flounder cup was really cute. The friends went on to ride the Blowfish Balloon Race and The Whirlpool before we watched one last performance at Mermaid Lagoon Theatre for King’s Triton Concert and of course, ending the day with Fantasmic!


Hey Duffy!



Creamy Scallop Croquette Sandwich w Ratatouille Octopus Sauce


Excused myself from spinning rides while watching them play


Marking the night with fireworks even though it was drizzling

It was quite an interesting day at Disney I would say though I was glad I felt better at the end of the day. Bad weather are always a mood spoiler and if you are sick, it is even worse. Oh, on a separate note, I realised most stuffs at Disney Park itself can’t really be found at Disney stores outside the park. So if you really like something, the “I will get it if I see it again (outside)” theory does not work 🙂

Okay, part 2 done! One more to go!

If you like to read up on previous post, here it is as well!

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