Kinou – Fusion Cuisine at Tras Street

Was thinking where to bring the friend for dinner then I stumbled upon Kinou, a newly opened restaurant at Tras Street that focuses on ceviche and tartare. I thought it looked interesting so we made it down one day. Well given it is newly opened, it wasn’t that crowded but there is still quite a fair bit of office crowd who’s down for a drink, or two. The alcohol menu is extensive, so much that I opened and closed in a glance. The food focuses primarily on ceviche with some Asian-inspired/fusion. The friend and I concluded that we can’t really tell what kind of cuisine it is at the end of the meal. lol


img 03

They do personalised cocktails as well, so let them know if you like anything special

img 02

The Broke Man $21

One of their signature cocktail with a rather cute name, with gin as base mixed with lemon juice, passionfruit, ginger and lemongrass

Snapseed 5

Bone to Be Wild $16

Beef Marrow Served with Garlic and Tennessee Surprise

Snapseed 16

The friend loves bone marrow and given it was recommended, we gave this a try. Kinou does this a little differently, they pour whisky into the bone and down your throat so you get the flavours of the bone marrow coupled with the strong whisky which was definitely a first for us. I have to say the flavours work, the bone marrow was delicious and the bread with the bone marrow was tasty

Snapseed 12

Salmon, Hiding in Puerto Rico $25

Salmon Peeking Out from Coconut Leche de Tigre, Zesty Passionfruit & Lime Zest

It’s an interesting combination. I think the flavours work, but the salmon was a little too thick for my liking. The salmon tasted a little smoked but the thickness make it too chewy for me

Snapseed 7

Kinou Signature Burger $24

Brioche Toast, Wagyu Beef Patty, Gem Lettuce, Melted Cheese, Gherkins

We thought we should get a hot dish, so we went for the beef burger. The beef patty was very soft, contrary to the usual firmer texture. Quite an okay dish I think

Overall I thought the dishes were decent. Service was personalised and fantastic, but probably cos there wasn’t much crowd. It’s the kind of ambience where you felt like going back again because you had a great experience the first time round. Though ceviche and tartare might not fit well with everyone’s palate


81 Tras Street, Singapore 079020



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