Mad About Sucre – Summer Collection 2018

Summer –  the least of my favourite season cos sometimes the heat is really unbearable, especially in Singapore. But for these guys at Mad about Sucre, Summer to them brings back memories of childhood horse-riding in Southern France which mainly inspires this season’s collection. Trying a few new items from their savoury and sweets menu as we try to relive their Summer memories with them


Pulled Duck of Sarlat $33

Cranberry, Tomatoes, Caviar, Dash of Milk, Linguine

This was a pretty interesting dish. You either like it or you don’t. It felt like a fusion of French and Sichuan yet it was nothing like that. The sourish flavor comes from the tomatoes while the cranberry provides the sweetness. Honestly I thought this linguine dish was pretty refreshing and appetizing and if you are a fan of Sichuan vegetables, you might relate to it too

Snapseed 5

Sliced Grass-Fed Beef Rib-Eye Steak $45

Flambeed with Whisky, Linguine with Light Sauce of Dehydrated Black Bean

This first fusion dish was something they have not tried before – a mix of French techniques and Chinese flavours. The unmistaken taste of black bean sauce feels like comfort food topped with succulent and sweet beef slices though there was a tie in favourite among the 2 linguine dishes

Snapseed 8

Pulled Roasted Summer Poultry $35

Light Cheese, French Mushrooms, Pastry Skin

Snapseed 9

Taking 20 minutes to cook, this pastry was light and crispy with an enticing buttery fragrance. A good option for those looking for something different on the menu

Snapseed 12

Five Stones (w Tea Pairing) $22.80

Light Yuzu, Mango, Sage, Pineapple

The first of their childhood horse-riding inspiration derives from appearance of the route marker that guides the riders every 30m. Each stone is filled with Japanese yuzu and the base a collection of Cambodian sage, pineapple and mango. I like how the layering of sweetness and acidity complement each other without taking too much of a highlight on each side. Paired with Pandan and Cambodian Lemongrass, this tea is best paired together with the dessert. Else, it tasted pretty bland on its own

Snapseed 19

Apple (w Tea Pairing) $23.80

French Apple, Portuguese Port Wine, Light Chocolate, Almond

Inspired from the fruit plantations they will pass along the way, they used to pluck the dangling apples off and eat them like that. This Apple has 3 layers – White Apple Mousse, Green Apple with Portuguese Wine and Almond Cream, finished off with Apple Sauce while the leaf and stalk is made with chocolate. A very light dessert to the palate with an icecream-like texture and tasted very much like well, an apple. Paired with French Rose and Lavender tea, a crowd’s favourite

Snapseed 21

Rhythm of 4 (w Tea Pairing) $25.70

Cold-Drip Coffee, Chocolate Sponge, Hint of Orange Cointreau, Madagascar Vanilla, French Orange

A horse shoe inspiration where a 4-step rhythm is heard as a horse gallops. Made of chocolate sponge cake, coffee cream, vanilla cream on base and almond crumble. Personally my favourite this collection because it’s a combination of everything I like. Paired with French Grapes and White Peony, a tea I thought they should keep it on their menu as well

Snapseed 28

Pech Merle (w Tea Pairing) $22.80

Dark Chocolate (76%), Raspberry

A pit-stop of their horse riding expedition where they will explore the caves that have been there since a long time. The top of the cake is inspired by scriptures that are found in the caves and every cake has a unique design to it which will eventually make up the whole big picture. This cake is made with 4 different blend of chocolates and different crunch. Made with chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie, half dome chocolate with raspberry sauce, this dessert is made for the chocolate lover in you. It might look a little too much but it turned out pretty spectacular in terms of flavor. Paired with Berries and Elderberry tea, I never like the tea that goes with chocolate desserts. It somehow just feels a little weird

I always look forward to hearing their stories behind each inspiration and this collection brings us another round of surprises with lots of childhood memories in them. As we deal with the oncoming weather, hopefully this collection round brings around a refreshing respite to the Summer heat

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Rd, S(088334)


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