Mad About Sucre – Fall / Winter 2017

And the fall/winter season begins at Mad About Sucre. The post might be a little late though cos by the time this post is published, they are preparing to launch a new series on 1st December due to a change of ingredients for some of their cakes. Gulps, how to catch up! Anyway, was back there for both lunch and dinner where I tried a different choice of main and 5 of their new cakes. With Christmas approaching, they named their cakes after the Merry Making season and thus each cake has a name that starts with “Merry”. Definitely getting into the mood of year-end holidays!


Wild Caught Blueback Salmon, Sauce of Cauliflower & French Pea $39

Hugh slice of salmon that was cooked to a nice charred taste. The sweetness of the salmon glistening with oil, accompanied with the light sweetness of peas and cauliflower. A refreshing dish if you want something light


Pork Belly 2 Ways, Seasonal Tomatoes, Linguine $36

I have never tasted a pasta quite good as this. You can adjust the level of spiciness to your discretion where we adventurously asked for more chilli, and we had our nose running at the end of it. It was thoroughly shiok nevertheless. The pork belly was done 2 ways: Salted-Cured and Beer-Marinated, love both versions of it. And the generous amount of fried pork skin soaked in the sweet Tuscany tomatoes will have you cleaning the whole plate. I will order this dish again


Merry Mon with Tea Set (Paired with French Rose and Lavender) $20.70

With 3 layers in the middle, made with strawberry cream, strawberry sponge cake, and lemon mousse. The texture feels like icecream. The strawberry basil in the middle was cooked to a compote. And you can eat it together with the cactus flower puree. A delightful start to their Fall/Winter series, and also my favourite of all


Merry Yu with Tea Set (Paired with Marigold, Mint & Camomile) $20.70

Using yuzu as the seasonal fruit in autumn as the focus, the combination with white chocolate on the top of a thin layer of sponge cake. I felt that the flavours seem a little heavy though there is a nice flair of yuzu touch to it


Merry Go Round with Tea Set (Paired with Melon, Mangosteen, Camomile & Honeycomb) $21.70

Inspiration came from Merry-Go-Round near the Eiffel tower in Paris. Recreating the warmth when family gather around is the use of Chestnut as a homely ingredient. The grounded chestnut is mixed with rum to give it a smooth texture and the use of mango to boost the flavour.

Snapseed 4

Really love the how the flavours of this cake running up and down your palate, more so because chestnut can be a love or hate ingredient


Merry Fig with Tea Set $24.70

Chocolate casing with salted French caramel, fig cream and fig mousse. They said the texture is pretty similar to that of icecream but in all, I preferred Merry Mon. I felt like the flavour was a little strange. It reminded me of yam, and I didn’t like yam


Merry Cherry with Tea Set $24.70

Made of 66% dark chocolate coated with a cherry glaze and topped with a chocolate stem, I have to say this dessert is really cute-looking. Filled with liquored cherry, raspberry and drizzled with almond crumbles, the flavours were safe and cohesive but I felt that other cakes came out much stronger

I still enjoy my every trip back to Mad About Sucre and I felt that their savouries are getting as strong as their sweets. I am looking forward to their New Year Eve’s brunch already, and anticipating what surprises they can pull up their sleeves

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Road, S(088334)

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