Pollen Street Social – A Fun Lunch at Mayfair, London

Pollen Street Social by celebrity chef Jason Atherton is a one michelin star restaurant located at Mayfair, London. Since I have never got to try Pollen here and with chef Jason Atherton pulling out, I thought trying his restaurant in London would make up for it. The interior was sleek and modern, with wooden chair, white walls decorated art paintings. Lunch was a straightforward affair, with an impeccable service. We went for the 3 course set lunch, priced at £39 per pax which is pretty damn reasonable



I’m not too sure what is the use of this plate since they removed it once they decided to get your course started. For decorative purpose I supposed?


Canapes to get you started


The parents had a fun time guessing this


Amuse Bouche: Mushroom Tea with Parmesan Foam

This was simply outstanding. The sweet and light broth of the mushroom flavour mixed with the salty parmesan was an explosion of flavours on the palate


Starter: Paignton Harbour Crab, Radish, Lemon, Yoghurt & Sake

I had mix feelings about this. The crab meat was delicious but I felt the sauce didn’t really complement it. It just tasted weird


Starter: Pressed Terrine of Wild Game and Foie Gras, Hot Pot Garnish, Duck Heart Jus

The dad really liked his starter


Starter: Braised White Asparagus, St Austell Bay Mussel Puree, Mushroom Salad

A very refreshing dish, felt like Spring on a plate


Mains: Roasted Cornish Cod, Squash Glaze in Dashi, Squid & Seaweed Sauce

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy this dish as much I thought I would. The texture felt a little more rubbery and there was nothing that popped about this. Or more so perhaps I had better cod dishes on this trip


Mains: Braised West Country Ox Cheek, Braised Red Cabbage, Bone Marrow Sauce

Well, the presentation is quite monotone, but the ox cheek was tender and rich in flavours


Palate Cleanser: Melon Sorbet in Champagne

We never realise sorbet and champagne go so well together


Desserts: Bread & Butter Pudding Ice Cream, Blackberries & Ardberg Whiskey

I enjoyed their version of a classic bread and butter pudding which was a nice balance of flavours in contrast


Desserts: A Selection of Icecream & Sorbet

When I ordered icecream for desserts, I certainly wasn’t expecting this


Each drawer has a different flavour to it so you make it a guess before they reveal at the end of it


Well, it was certainly lots of fun playing and eating


Petite Four

Their idea of Petite Four definitely isn’t petite at all


Macarons with White Chocolate


Bakewell Tart

But nevertheless, they served a wonderful selection of desserts after desserts


We spotted this at the next table. Fresh mint tea service. We were very amused

It was my last meal in London. Food-wise, there were certainly hits and misses. I felt like if this was my first meal in London, I probably had enjoyed it much more since there was no comparisons. Experience-wise, it was a very enjoyable 2.5 hours lunch. It felt like a 5-course lunch honestly. And for the price you are paying for, I would say it is definitely worth it

Pollen Street Social

8-10 Pollen Street, Mayfair, London W1S 1NQ

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