Nesuto – Japanese-French Inspired Patisserie at Tras Street

Nesuto first caught my eye when we were dining at the restaurant next door. Back then they were still doing up their shop. So when they finally opened, I popped by for a visit. The space isn’t big and they don’t take reservations for now. The interior is decorated with blush pink colours, it is simple yet cheerful. The menu is Japanese-French inspired and you can choose over their cakes or entremet





The teas here are from a local tea brand, An Tea Social. I tried their Peach Oolong, Lychee Oolong and Suki-Hojicha ($9/pot) which I think each of their tea has their own individual characteristic with a very fragrant aroma. It is strong with a lingering aftertaste which is very enjoyable for an afternoon tea


Miss Ispahan $9.80 (limited quantities)

Creme Bavaroise, Raspberry Coulis, Lychee Fruit Gelee, Vanilla Sponge, Almond Sable


Probably my favourite of the lot. I enjoy it so much I had it done as a birthday cake for a friend. The sweetness of the lychee was balanced with the raspberry coulis, enclosed with a light creme bavaroise. The texture was somewhat icy in the middle which gave some sort of contrast with the fluffy sponge cake


Le Chocolat $9

Chocolate Sponge, Vanilla Opalys 33% Cremeux, Guanaja 70% Light Mousse

Recommended for the chocolate lovers, the depth of the chocolate was a little too heavy for me, completed with the chocolate mousse. Though there was a balance of vanilla cream within, I thought the flavour could be enhanced overall with some form of contrast


Suzette $9.80

Santiago Tart, Dulcey 32% Cremeux, Orange Caramel, Ivoire 35% Grand Marnier mousse

Crepe Suzette in a cake form. We thought it was a okay but a little too sweet for our liking


Blush Berry $9

Vanilla Sponge with Ivoire 35% Feuillitine, Raspberry Compote, Greek Yoghurt & Strawberry Marbled Mousse

The flavours were balanced well with the raspberry compote and the acidity of the yoghurt, complete with a sweet strawberry mousse


Noisette Rocher $10.50

Hazelnut Praline Mousse, Ganache, Caramelised Hazelnut Feuilletine, Almond Dacquoise

Rocher in a cake form, quite literally. I thought the mousse can be lighter. The density of it was just a little overwhelming after awhile


Le ‘Omm’ $9/slice

Matcha Azuki Layered Cake

I didn’t quite enjoy the cake, as much as thought I would. I felt there was just too much cream, so much I ended up just eating the sponge


Overall, I would choose their entremet over the cakes. At the very least, there is still some contrast and surprise in the former whereas their cakes tasted rather underwhelming.  I think for anyone who have tried Mad About Sucre, you couldn’t help but compare subconsciously. And as what the friends say, the cakes here lack character and finesse. I think with an establishment this new, Nesuto has a lot of room to improve on. The menu here changes seasonally, so hope their cakes would surprise with each season change in time to come


53 Tras Street, Singapore 078992

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