Village Bar Nasi Lemak – Nasi Lemak with Truffle Poached Egg

Moving from their original location in Simpang Bedok, Village Bar Nasi Lemak gave themselves a new look by upgrading our good ol’ local nasi lemak to a hip coconut rice served with truffle egg. Their new location at Circular road fits well with the CBD crowd. Ordering is done through the machines where the selection is simple and straighforward. The sets include chicken wing, drumstick, rendang, mutton, ikan kunning, sotong and also side dishes to choose from


The bright and airy space decorated with neon lights gave a refreshing take on our local food. Serving classic nasi lemak by day and tapas-style dishes at night, this place takes nasi lemak to another level. Who says local food is boring these days?



Achar $3

You can add on Indonesian achar if you would like more variations to your meal. The achar has an unique taste to it, which we couldn’t make out what it tastes like exactly


Otah $2.20


Chicken Wing Set $7.80


The rice is fluffy and fragrant and I like how crispy the ikan billi are with the right amount of saltiness. The chicken wing is crisp yet not too oily though there are some redness in the meat at times

FullSizeRender 4

Rendang Beef Set $9.50

Tried the rendang beef set as well. I must say the beef is quite tender and flavourful with the rendang sauce

Overall, I thought the nasi lemak here is pretty decent though the friend thinks otherwise. The truffle egg might be a little overhyped since it’s just essentially poached egg dripped with truffle sauce. Still, I would say it’s not a bad place for a meal if you are craving for some nasi lemak even though the price might not be as cheap as you expect. But well, it’s elevated local food afterall

Village Nasi Lemak Bar

57 Circular Road, Singapore 049412

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