The Blue Ginger Restaurant – Traditional Peranakan at Tanjong Pagar

Being known as one of the best restaurants serving traditional Peranakan cuisine, I finally got to visit The Blue Ginger restaurant for a friend’s birthday. Located along the old shophouses, the place fits well in theme with traditional Peranakan furnishing. The atmosphere is yet relaxed and food comes out at astonishing fast speed. We had a mix of spicy and non spicy food so to accommodate the young ones, and we get to try what the place has to offer


Otak Otak $4


Ngo Heong $12

One of our favourites! The rolls were so good we ordered another plate. Enough said


Bakwang Kepeting $6.80/pax

The soup was sweet and peppery with a fried garlic sort of aftertaste. The warm soup was welcoming to the stomach and it certainly reminds you of something your grandma will cook for you


The minced pork and crabmeat ball was soft yet taut with a firm and crunchy texture


Chap Chye Masak Titek $13

The chap chye tasted quite underwhelming. It could have been better


Babi Pong Tay $14.50

The pork was very tender and the fats just melted in your mouth. You can taste the pack of spices in the dish filled with cinnamon and bean paste


Ayam Panggang Blue Ginger $14.80

I don’t know what to make of this chicken dish. It tasted pretty normal to me though I don’t get why the friend enjoyed this


Udang Goreng Cili Garam $23.80

The deep fried tiger prawns were good but not quite memorable


Ikan Masak Assam Gulai $35

Love the mackerel simmered in an assam sauce. A combination of flavours filled with sour and spicy notes


Gula Melaka topped with Honey Sea Coconut $4.50

Honestly, this just tasted sweet


Durian Chendol $6

But the durian chendol was a favourite. The super thick and sweet durian paste combined with the fragrant coconut was a delight to dig in

Overall, the food here tasted quite homely. It felt like going home for dinner. There was warmth in the food but nothing quite special. After trying a variation of Peranakan restaurants in Singapore, I would say it all boils down to your palate to see the type of Peranakan food you prefer. And unfortunately, The Blue Ginger wouldn’t make it to the top of my list

The Blue Ginger Restaurant

97 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088518

*This restaurant has been awarded The 2017 Michelin Bib Gourmand Award

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