Yummy Viet – Vietnamese at Chinatown with Friendly Service

The friend wanted something healthy and after googling for a central location, we decided to have Vietnamese at Chinatown. Yummy Viet is located along the Chinatown Food Street, which was an unexpected location given the number of local and Chinese eateries there. The place is small and not very crowded but we were amused at their over enthusiastic friendly service cos they immediately take your order when you barely sat down and look at the menu. Nevertheless, we decided quickly since we were quite hungry


Cold Coffee w Condensed Milk (L) $4.90 Passion Fruit Juice (R) $4

The coffee was super gao, and the bitterness stays even stirring the condensed milk. Definitely something that will keep you awake. The passionfruit juice was refreshing and I cringed when I took the first sip cos it was so damn sour. An alternative if you want to stay awake without caffeine


BBQ Sugar Cane Shrimp Roll $6.50

Ordered their popular shrimp roll which was pretty good. It was so delicious the friend asked if the cane can be eaten. lol


Crispy Fried Spring Rolls $5.40

On the other hand, the spring rolls were pretty normal


Slice Beef & Beef Ball Noodles $9.80

We love the broth of the pho. It was light and packed with herbs, an earthy aroma with sweetness of the meat


The beef however was rather tough



Beef Noodles Dry $8.90

It felt like eating salad, topped with beef. The cold version of the noodles were pretty decent, and the meat here was tender. Pretty strange at their inconsistency if you ask me

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I think the food here was normal, though affordable with quick and friendly service staffs. The upside being it’s convenient location but its downside being located at Chinatown, I rather have something else

Yummy Viet

28 Smith Street, Singapore 058942

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