A*muse Omakase – A Different Kind of Omakase

This place was a random search on Chope just cos I ran out of places to dine at, and there wasn’t much information available online either. The concept is an interesting one. One, it isn’t exactly a restaurant but felt more like dining at someone’s home (like press the bell and they will open the door for you). Two, there are only 2 menu available, either the 4-course omakase at $88 or the 6-course omakase at $128. Three, the menu of the day depends on the chef’s mood so if he happens to be in a bad mood (well, so far he hasn’t) then good luck lah


It’s a small team driving this place with 4 main chefs. And they have different seatings as well just so the chefs can interact more with the diners, and of course which meant this place isn’t big. But they can also go to your place to cook for you, which is another interesting point to take note of


Swedish Cider

The only kind of alcohol available, unfortunately is only beer. They do have juices as well. But the chef will pair the drink for you according to the dishes cooked, and drinks are inclusive of the price you are paying. If you wish to bring your own wine, do note that corkage is free!


Complimentary Appetizer: Cracker with Seaweed

Home made cracker that tasted like keropok, the modern rendition. I thought it was a little oily though


Preparing our first course


South American White Asparagus with Black Truffle and Seaweed Powder

The chef mentioned it is not often to see white asparagus in the market so he decided to make it for dinner tonight. The smell of truffle was inviting and I think this dish had good flavours. But I didn’t like the asparagus was a touch too soft so it felt a little strange to me



Yuzu Cream, Apple Chips and Apple Sorbet

Second course; palate cleanser

Honestly. This palate cleanser is redundant. I appreciate they elevate this dish into more elements than just the usual drink but hello, this is a 4-course dinner. This dish makes it seem like we are having a 3-course dinner. At least for me, usually palate cleanser is a complimentary item on the menu so I would certainly like to see something more substantial than just sorbet and chips. Flavour-wise, each element carried their own punch and contrast. Still, I cannot get over the fact this is our second course


Braised Angus Short Ribs with Daikon, Sweet Corns & Barley

I’m thankful for the protein as our third course. The short ribs were braised beautifully and I really enjoyed the combination of sweet, organic corns and barley for that rustic, wheaty taste. It was simple and delicious


Japanese Black Stout

Tasted abit strange to me. Maybe I’m just not a fan of black stout even though I told the chef I wanted something strong


Dessert course!


Milk Chocolate Cake, Crumble of Orange & Lemon Zest, Maple Icecream

A nicely plated dessert. I like the different flavours that complement each other though I would probably appreciate if we could see more cake than cream

Undeniably, this place has one unique concept but I think the concept of omakase is more settled in Japanese cuisine which diners are more willing to fork the money for the premium ingredients they will be having. I personally think it is a little expensive here because for that same price, I can find other places which serve me a pretty decent course-dinner. Still, one can always argue it is the experience you are paying for. But we were surprised there were a number of people who turned up for dinner after us. I guess this place still has its own charm, though it might not agree with everyone

A*muse Omakase

01-55, 59 Eng Hoon Street, Block 59, S(160059)

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